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Postgraduate taster session registration

A postgraduate course can help you gain a competitive edge in the job market  and boost your earning potential. If you'd like to gain a real insight into postgraduate study why not come along to one of our taster sessions.

What do taster sessions involve?

The taster sessions will take place at the University and will follow varying formats, but will last around two hours. In most cases the course leader will run the session and give you detailed information about the course, perhaps involving an interactive group session covering elements of the modules you may study. The sessions also offer you an opportunity to ask questions about the course and investigate potential career directions.

'I was impressed by the energy and passionate commitment of the academic staff, and I thoroughly enjoyed the sample seminar I took part in.'

  2012 attendee

What can I gain from a taster session?

The sessions are your opportunity to

  • gain a real insight into postgraduate study and how it can benefit your future career
  • understand what is involved in your chosen course
  • meet with the course leaders and in some cases, current postgraduate students
  • ask any questions you may have about course delivery, content or format

Register for a session

Listed below are the postgraduate courses that are currently running a taster session. For details of our full range of full-time, part-time and distance learning courses please visit our online prospectus

If you are interested in a postgraduate course that is not running a taster session, please complete your details here and we will be in touch.

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Register to attend a taster session

Click on the subject area links below to show the available taster sessions

Sessions marked * will involve students participating in a taught class

Sessions marked ** are drop-in sessions where you can find out more about the course.

For more information on Early Years Professional Status, visit the course entry.

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