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Dr Jacob Habgood

Dr Jacob Habgood

Senior Lecturer Software & Games Development



My background is in the games industry working as a programmer and project-manager for Gremlin, Infogrames and Sumo-Digital over a period of 14 years. During this time I worked on over a dozen published games for the PlayStation 1 and 2, XBox, Gamecube and DS.

I teach mainly on the third and fourth years of the game software development degrees in game-specific subjects relating to 3D graphics programming and console game development (all using C++). I'm also the author of a series of books on hobbyist game development using Game Maker, which I use in my teaching to explore game design concepts.

I am studio manager of the Steel Minions Game Studio based in Sheffield Hallam's Science Park. The studio is an official PlayStation minis developer and provides a commercially licensed environment in which students can bring games to market through the PlayStation Network (PSN). The studio currently has a couple of PSP titles in development, including a reworking of the classic 90's game Zool, which was originally created in Sheffield.

I have a PhD in game-based-learning and I conduct research into the effective integration of digital games and learning content. This research was originally presented at the International Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and has recently been published in the Journal of the Learning Sciences. I have also written various articles for Gamasutra and Develop magazine.




Research papers


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