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GMPR - Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition Research Group




Original and exciting research in geometric modelling and pattern recognition

Fast 3D reconstruction technologies and sensor development

The Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition (GMPR) Research Group is part of the CCRC-Communication and Computing Research Centre, and pursues original and exciting research in geometric modelling and pattern recognition with a major focus on

  • fast 3D reconstruction from a single 2D shot using GMPR patented line projection techniques

  • 3D and 2D face and object recognition

  • 3D animation from video sequences

  • parameterization of surfaces

  • 3D data compression

  • image processing and pattern recognition

We have developed and patented unique technologies for fast 3D surface scanning with a single, instantaneous shot. The system can use either structured white light or near infra-red. Our technologies support a range of applications such as security, multimedia graphics and animation, geometrical descriptions of 3D modelling software, verification of shape geometry in industrial processes,  medical prosthetics and rehabilitation, reverse engineering and archiving plus much more.

We have developed a fully working system for fast 3D face recognition comprising face and eye tracking and image filtering (2D real-time live stream), fast 3D reconstruction, 3D post-processing, 3D feature extraction, 3D recognition. Our technologies allow all these operations to be completed in just over 1 second per subject.

We have licensed the GMPR 3D technologies to industry on non-exclusive basis or exclusive to restricted geographic regions and welcome inquiries on licensing and/or partnerships which are offered on flexible terms. In particular, we are exploring security applications (including 3D face recognition), industrial inspection, medical engineering, and 3D reconstruction from video sequences for the film, games, and animation industries.

We are funded by the European Commission to apply the GMPR 3D technologies to robotic welding tasks (Research for the Benefit of SMEs-Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) with partners across Europe including The Netherlands, Spain, Bulgaria, and Hungary. We recently completed a UK-JISC funded project on scanning the Museums Sheffield Metalwork Collection and a number of museum pieces are available for 3D visualization on the web.


Project media


Researchers involved


Mohammed M. Siddeq - Research Degree Student, GMPR Research Group

Dr Alex Shenfield - Senior Lecturer, GMPR Research Group

Professor Marcos Rodrigues - Head of GMPR Geometric Modelling and Pattern Recognition Group

Dr Alan Robinson - Associate Researcher, GMPR Research Group

Abdusslam Osman - Research Degree Student, GMPR Research Group

Mariza Kormann - Research Associate, GMPR Research Group

Dr David Cooper - Senior Lecturer, GMPR Research Group


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