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Research outputs

Close-up of a reportThis section details reports, publications and other research outputs produced by the Centre. Some of these are available to download from this site or from the funder's website.

Further listings can be found under staff members' individual profiles. All our our other research outputs are listed here.

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Project reports

Taylor C, McCaig C

Evaluating the impact of number controls, choice and competition: an analysis of the student profile and the student learning environment in the new higher education landscape for HEA
Link to full report

McCaig C, Hogarth T, Gambin L, Clague L

Research into the need for and capacity to deliver STEM related Apprenticeship Provision in England for Department for Business Innovation and Skills

Download full report

Wolstenholme C, Coldwell M, Stiell B

Independent Review Panel and First-tier Tribunal Exclusion Appeals systems for Department for Education
Download full report
Donwnload Executive Summary

Formby, E The impact of homophobic and transphobic bullying on education and employment: A European survey.  For IGLYO, Brussels.
Boylan M, MacNamara A

Evaluation of the NCETM Primary Mathematics Host Schools Project 2012-13 (PDF 1.19MB) for NCETM

Demack S, Stevens A

Evaluation of Bookstart England: Bookstart Corner for Booktrust
Download Full Report
Download Executive Summary

Clague L, Levy, Rachael Bookbuzz Evidence of Best Practice for Booktrust
Coldwell M, Willis B, McCaig C Investigation of Key Stage 2 Level 6 Tests (PDF 1.62MB) for DfE
Merchant G, Levy R, Shipton L, Willis B Evaluation of Booked Up (PDF 692KB) for Booktrust
Formby, E

Solidarity but not similarity? LGBT communities in the 21st century, Sheffield Hallam University

Formby E, Willis B Tackling Homophobia and transphobia in settings supporting young people: What are the barriers and facilitators? Findings from a South Yorkshire study.
• Download summary report (PDF 363KB) / Full report (PDF 745KB)
Shipton L Improving e-safety in primary schools: a guidance document for TDA (PDF 226KB)
Coldwell M, Maxwell B, McCaig C, Davies J and Stevens A NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools Synthesised key findings from all five stages of the NQT Quality Improvement Study (PDF 644KB)
Mike Coldwell, Lucy Shipton, Anna Stevens, Bernadette Stiell, Ben Willis and Claire Wolstenholme

Process evaluation of the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Pilot for Department for Education
Research report and research brief available from the DfE website

Coldwell M, Perry E, Wardle J The National Strategies 1997–2011 A brief summary of the impact and effectiveness of the National Strategies (PDF 745KB)
Coldwell M, Davies J, Maxwell B and McCaig C NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools Part 4 Report: The Third Year of Teaching (PDF 964KB)
Formby, E, Coldwell M, Stiell B, Demack S, Stevens A, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education: A mapping study of the prevalent models of delivery and their effectiveness for Department for Education
Research report and research brief available from the DfE website
Sean Demack, Deborah Platts-Fowler, David Robinson, Anna Stevens, Ian Wilson

Young People and Community Cohesion - Analysis from the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE) for DfE 
Research report and research brief available from the DfE website

Holland M, Hudson T, Cripps C, Barley R, Wolstenholme C Evaluation of Mentoring Extension to SASP Pilots, Final Report at End of Second Year.
Burgess Allen J, Formby E, Hirst J A qualitative exploration of the role of baby clinics in supporting infant feeding in Stockport for NHS Stockport
Formby E, Hirst J and Shipton L Sex and Relationships Education Audit Strategy for Leicester City
Formby E, Hirst J, Cripps C Evaluation of Time 2 Test Pilot Final Report (PDF 2.03MB) for Centre for HIV and Sexual Health
Coldwell M, Maxwell B, Shipton L, Boylan M Assessing the Impact of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) on Teachers and Learners for NCETM
Allen R, Coldron J, West A The Effect of Changes in Published Secondary School Admissions on Pupil Composition for Department for Education
Bath C, Garrick R, Dunn K, Maconochie H, Willis B, Wolstenholme C Children's Experiences of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for Department for Education (DfE)
• Download research report / • research brief from the DfE website
Formby E, Owen J, Willis B, Wolstenholme C Mapping Bradford Tic Tacs: An Evaluation of School Based Health Services for Young People
Stiell B, Willis B, Stevens A, Wolstenholme C, Maxwell B School meal uptake research in Rotherham, for Rotherham MBC and NHS Rotherham
Davies J, Coldwell M, McCaig C, Stevens A NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools, Report on Part 2 Phase 1 - NQT Quality Improvement Study: The NQT Year (PDF 358KB).
Maxwell B, Coldwell M, McCaig C, Barley R NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools, Part 3 Report: The Second Year of Teaching (PDF 377KB).
Formby, E and Hirst, J Scoping the needs of 'hard to reach' groups in Sheffield in relation to HIV and social care. Sheffield: Sheffield City Council
Centre for Education and Inclusion Research

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Yorkshire and the Humber for Yorkshire Futures
Main report Part 1 (PDF 6MB)
Appendices Part 2 (PDF 1.92MB)

Formby E, Hirst J, Shipton L Leicester City Sex and Relationships Education Post 16 Review and Gap Analysis
Tang N, Nollent A, Barley R,
Wolstenholme C
Linking outward and inward mobility - how raising the international horizons of UK students enhances the international student experience on the UK campus commissioned by UKCISA
Final report (PDF 257KB)
Case study report - Leeds Metropolitan University (PDF 196KB)
Case study report - University of Leeds (PDF 193KB)
Case study report - University of Manchester (PDF 171KB)
Case study report - Sheffield Hallam University (PDF 239KB)
Stiell B, Maxwell B, Willis B, Stevens A Community Use of Schools in Rotherham for Rotherham MBC
Download executive summary (PDF 412KB)
Coldwell M, Jackson A, Stiell B Planning Careers Education and Guidance Projects: Learning from the Small-scale Careers Education and Guidance Initiative for TDA
McCaig C, Barley R, Stevens A, Willis B, Wolstenholme C The impact of Aimhigher Healthcare strand activities on the transition to Higher Education of young people in South Yorkshire for Aimhigher South Yorkshire
Formby E, Hirst J, Wilis B Socialising and Sexual Health: An evaluation of the needs of gay and bisexual men and men who have sex with men in Sheffield, for Centre for HIV and Sexual Health
• Download executive summary (PDF 101KB) / full report (PDF 1.14MB)
Formby E Lesbian, bisexual women and women who have sex with women: An evaluation of sexual health needs and experiences in Sheffield, for Centre for HIV and Sexual Health
• Download executive summary (PDF 100KB) / full report (PDF 1.47MB)
Holland M, Boylan M, Hudson T, Hardy T, Barley R, Cripps C A study of the TDA-funded subject knowledge provision in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Final Report for TDA
Caillau, I Primary Schools Facing Challenging Circumstances in Yorkshire and the Humber for TDA PDS in Yorkshire and the Humber
• Download report (PDF 128KB) / case study (PDF 62KB)
Drew S, Gledhill J, Haughton P, Hramiak A, Leman J, McCaig C, Potts A, Stevens A NQT Quality Improvement Study for the Training and Development Agency for Schools, Report on Part 1: 'Environment map' (PDF 397KB).
Holland M, Hudson T Science Additional Specialism Programme (Pilots) External Evaluation Year 1 Combined report for TDA
Boylan M, Hardy T Mathematics Development Programme for Teachers (Pilots) External Evaluation End of Year 1 Report for TDA
Nixon J, Howarth R Final Report of the Isle of Anglesey Nuisance and ASB Project for the Isle of Anglesey County Council, produced with Howarth Kennedy Associates Ltd
McCaig C, Bowers-Brown T, Slack K, Barley R, Adnett N, Cripps C, Wolstenholme C, Willis B Schwartz Report - Review 2008 For Supporting Professionalism in Admissions (SPA)
Reports available from SPA website (including executive summary and conclusions, research findings, themes and good practice case studies)
Stiell B, Shipton L, Coldron J, Coldwell M Choice Advice: an Evaluation for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
• Download report (PDF 701KB) / research brief (PDF 162KB)
Mannion K, Coldwell C After School Science and Engineering Clubs Evaluation (PDF 576KB) for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
Shipton L, Stiell B, Willis B, Wolstenholme C, Coldron J Choice Advice: Results of a Pilot Evaluation (PDF 129KB) for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
McCaig C, Drew S, Marsden D, Haughton P, McBride J, McBride D, Willis B, Wolstenholme C International Research Collaboration in UK Higher Education Institutions (PDF 1.78MB) for Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS)
Drew S, McCaig C, Marsden D, Haughton P, McBride J, McBride D, Willis B, Wolstenholme C Transnational Education and Higher Education Institutions: Exploring Patterns of HE institutional Activity (PDF 1.59MB) for Department for Innovation Universities and Skills (DIUS)
Centre for Science Education, Centre for Education and Inclusion Research After School Science and Engineering Clubs Evaluation Interim Report (Research Brief, PDF 106KB) for Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF)
Simkins T, Close P, Morgan A, Pocklington K Evaluation of the Roll-out of Leadership Pathways - Final Report for the National College for School Leadership
Coldwell M, Simkins T, Coldron J, Smith R, Aspinwall K, Close P, Elliot N, Garrett Viv, Maxwell B, Wainwright J, Willis B, Wolstenholme C Developing the whole school workforce - An evaluation of the Testbed programme (Final Report, PDF 270KB) for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA)
Coldron J, Tanner E, Finch S, Shipton L, Wolstenholme C, Willis B, Demack S, Stiell B Secondary School Admissions. Sheffield Hallam University with National Centre for Social Research (Report DCSF-RR020)
• Download report (PDF 2.64MB) / executive summary (PDF 140KB)
Nixon J, Parr S, Hunter C, Sanderson D, Whittle S The longer-term outcomes associated with families who had worked with Intensive Family Support. Projects for Department for Communities and Local Government
Formby, E and Hirst, J An evaluation of the Forge Centre and Shield: Support services for people in South Yorkshire infected and affected by HIV / AIDS and/or Hepatitis C (PDF 184KB)
Escott, K From getting by to getting on: women's employment and local regeneration programmes, A RENEW Northwest Intelligence Report in partnership with Oxfam
Hirst J, Formby E, Parr S, Nixon J, Hunter J, and Flint J An evaluation of two initiatives to reward young people (PDF 321KB) for Joseph Rowntree Foundation
Hunter C, Hodge N, Nixon J, Parr S, Willis B Disabled people's experiences of anti-social behaviour and harassment in social housing: a critical review for the Disability Rights Commission
• Download report (PDF 932KB) / executive summary (PDF 234KB)
Simkins T, Coldwell M, Close P, Morgan A Outcomes of in-school leadership development work: a study of three NCSL programmes in Educational Management Administration and Leadership (PDF 164KB) (for publication 2008)
Tang, N. and Nollent, A. The UK-China-Hong Kong Trans-national Education Project Report (PDF 871KB) London, British Council.
Coldwell M, Trickey S, Gornall L, Holland M, Drew S, Willis B, Wolstenholme C Innovative Methodologies Project Rotherham Ready Final Evaluation Report for Yorkshire Futures
Finlayson H, Maxwell B, Caillau I, Tomalin J e-learning in Further Education: the impact on student intermediate and end-point outcomes (PDF 410KB)
Hirst, J, Formby, E and Owen, J Pathways into Parenthood: Reflections from three generations of teenage mothers and fathers (PDF 5MB) funded by Sheffield Health and Social Research Consortium.
Kay J, Channer Y, Coldron J, Stiell B, Wolstenholme C, Caillau I Advancing Together Interim Evaluation Report for Sheffield City Council
Morgan A Evaluation of Rotherham's Key Stage One Gifted and Talented Enrichment Cluster (PDF 252KB) for National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth
Nixon, J, Hunter, C, Parr, S, Myers, S, Whittle, S , Diana Sanderson Interim Evaluation of Rehabilitation Projects for Families at Risk of Losing their Homes (PDF 892KB) for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Nixon, J., Hunter, C., Parr, S., Myers, S., Whittle, S., Sanderson, D Anti-Social Behaviour Intensive Family Support Projects: An evaluation of six pioneering projects (PDF 826KB). London: ODPM
Simkins, T and Close, P Leadership Pathways: Design Stage Study for the National College for School Leadership
Stiell, B, Shipton, L, Yeandle, S Caring for Sick or Disabled Children (PDF 640KB) for CarersUK
Trickey, S., Coldwell, M., Holland , M., Close, P. and Rybinski, D. Valued Youth Evaluation Report for Youth Esteem UK, funded by Coca-Cola
Yeandle, S, Bennett, C, Buckner, L, Shipton, L, Suokas, A, 'Who Cares Wins: The Social and Business Benefits of Supporting Working Carers' for CarersUK
• Download report (PDF 570KB) / executive summary (PDF 217KB)
  Gender and Employment in Local Labour Markets Publications 2003 - 2006 European Social Fund
Johnson S, Dunn K, Coldron J A mapping of qualifications and training developments across the children and young people's (CYP) workforce to inform the development of an integrated qualifications framework (IQF)
Download short report 1 (PDF 194KB)
Download short report 2 (PDF 187KB)
Download short report 3 (PDF 174KB)
Download short report 4 (PDF 135KB)
Download short report 5 (PDF 140KB)
Download short report 6 (PDF 226KB)
Buckner, L and Yeandle, S 'We Care Do You?' (PDF 385KB) for CarersUK
Coldwell M, Morgan A, Holland M, Smith P, Trickey S Dearne Valley Learning Opportunities Partnership (DeVeLOP) Transition Advisers Project Draft Final Report to Steering Group (PDF 223KB)
Caillau I An Evaluation of the National College for School Leadership's Pilot Leadership Support Programme for the 'Aiming High: African-Caribbean Achievement Pilot Project' for the National College for School Leadership
Coldron J Consultation on co-ordinated admission arrangements in Calderdale (PDF 8.7MB) for Calderdale Council
Grant, L, Yeandle, S, Buckner, L Working below potential: women and part time work (PDF 667KB) for Equal Opportunities Commission
Hunter, C, Blandy, S, Cowan, D, Nixon, J, Hitchings, E, Pantazis, C and Parr, S The Exercise of Judicial Discretion in Rent Arrear Cases (PDF 554KB). Sheffield Hallam and Bristol Universities

This paper was published as part of the Department of Constitutional Affairs Research Series (6/05 October 2005). The series can be found on the DCA website.
Yeandle, S Older workers and work-life balance (PDF 170KB) for JRF
Coldwell M, Holland M, Rybinski D, Trickey S Pathways To Success Evaluation, Objective 1 Measure 12, Final Report (PDF 513KB) funded by the European Social Fund
Crowther, C. and Formby, E. 'An Evaluation of the Costs of Responding to and Preventing Anti-Social Behaviour in Rotherham'. Rotherham: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council.
Fitzgerald D. 'Partnerships and Parents in the Early Years', Continuum, London and New York
Formby, E., Tang, N. and Yeandle, S. Supporting Work-Life Balance Using Non-Standard Hours Childcare (Word 328KB) funded by Objective 1 South Yorkshire
Hirst, J The father figures project evaluation (PDF 393KB)
Hunter, C, Nixon, J and Parr, S with Adam Greenwood (Adam Greenwood Associates) What works for victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour (PDF 345KB) commissioned by the Home Office Anti-social Behaviour Unit
Williams J, Finlayson H, Caillau I, Coldron J Research to inform the Development of an Advanced Training Programme in Behaviour and Attendance Leadership for the National College for School Leadership
Yeandle, S, Buckner, L, Gore, T, Powell, R Gender Profile of South Yorkshires Labour Market (PDF 1.14MB) Objective 1
Coldron, J. Ofsted and Initial Teacher Education in Yorkshire and Humberside (PDF 453KB) Teacher Training Agency
Coldwell, M., Stephenson , K. and Caillau, I. Evaluation of Home School Agreements Research Report 455 Nottingham: DfES publications
Coldwell M., Holland, M., Close P., Caillau I., Haigh A. Evaluation of the Charter for Transition project in Barnsley (PDF 315KB).for 'Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley, funded by SRB3 2003'
Garrick, R. The Rotherham Foundation Stage Unit Pilot Programme Evaluation Report
Hirst, J, Formby, E, Burns, D Evaluation of Sheffield Sure Start Plus 2002-3 (PDF 295KB) Funded by Sheffield Sure Start Plus
Hirst, J. Muslim and African Caribbean Teenagers' Insights on Pregnancy and Parenting. Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University.
• Download report (PDF 761KB) / executive summary (PDF 121KB)
Nixon, J., et al. Tackling anti-social behaviour in mixed tenure areas. London:Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
Nixon, J., et al. Housing Possession Cases in the County Court: the experience and perceptions of black and minority ethnic defendants. London: LCD
Wells, P., Booth, C, Darlow, Escott, K, Gore, T, Hanson, S, Hill, C, Johnson, S, and Walton, F. South Yorkshire Objective 1 Programme Mid Term Evaluation . Government Office for Yorkshire and Humberside
Williams, J and Cook, K An evaluation of the use of Subject Specialist Teachers in Key Stages 2 and 3, Blackburn with Darwen Education Action Zone
Williams, J, Trickey S, Coldwell, M and Holland, M, Review of Education and Training Needs and Provision in North West Rotherham, South Yorkshire Learning and Skills Council
Yeandle, S., Escott, K., Grant, L. and Batty, E. Women and Men Talking about Poverty. Manchester: Equal Opportunities Commission, Working Paper Series, No. 7
Yeandle S, Christine B, and Burns D, Thinking Gender First: Gender Mainstreaming in Thurrock (PDF 269KB) South Essex Rape and Incest Crisis Centre
Coldron, J. et al Admission Appeal Panels: Research Study into the Operation of Appeal Panels, Use of the Code of Practice and Training for Panel Members - Research report 344 DfES
Formby, E. et al Labour Market Survey of Young Minority Ethnic People in Suffolk. Ipswich: Suffolk Learning and Skills Council
Grant, L. Intermediate Labour Markets and the Public Sector in Sheffield. Sheffield: Attercliffe and Darnall Community Enterprises
Hunter C. Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour. London: Lemos and Crane
Sheffield Hallam University Local Evaluation Team CRISS Local Evaluation Team Report on CRISS Programme. Home Office (unpublished)
Stephenson, K. with Coldwell, M. Evaluation of School based Police Officer in a London School, DfES Report (unpublished) Escott, K. Analysis of Regeneration Strategy Review. Darlington Council
Williams, J., Trickey, S, Holland, M. and Coldwell, M. Review of 16-19 Education and Training Needs and Provision in North West Rotherham for LSC South Yorkshire
Williams, J Education Review of the structure and pattern of education provision, Morpeth, Northumberland County Council
Williams, J. 'Parents as Partners at Wybourn School' Family Learning Network (Campaign for Learning; NIACE, DfES, Education Extra) National Conference: Valuing Community learning
Coldron, J. and Williams, J. The Experience of Parents Choosing a Secondary School - Research report RR278 DfES
Coldwell M, Holland, M. and Garland P. Evaluation report of the CITB Construction Initiative (PDF 195KB) for Barnsley LEA. School of Education, Sheffield Hallam University, 2001
Holland, M., Rybinski D. Evaluation report of the DfEE Demonstration Project Key Skills Through Work Experience for Barnsley LEA.
Hunter, C. and Nixon, J. Social Landlords' anti-social behaviour services, Social Landlords use of Information Exchange Schemes and anti-social behaviour orders. Coventry: Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group.
Stiell, B. 'Shifting boundaries of paid and unpaid work: UK National Profile relating to the care and support of older people'. Sheffield Hallam University/ESRC (unpublished report)
Stiell, B. 'New Deal for Lone Parents Innovative Pilot: Scoop Aid evaluation' Employment Service/ Sheffield Hallam University
Stiell, B. 'New Deal for Lone Parents Innovation Pilot: Gingerbread evaluation' Employment Service/ Sheffield Hallam University
Trickey, S. Barnsley Achievers Project for Barnsley LEA
Williams, J. An evaluation of a Parents in Partnership project in Sheffield. London Workers' Educational Association. Foreword by the Secretary of State for Education
Yeandle, S, Stiell, B, and Booth, C. 'Grant-making activity in three programmes: An Equality Audit' NOF/Sheffield Hallam University


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