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Dr Mike Holland

Phone 0114 225 6052

Mike has led a range of regional and national evaluation projects on primary to secondary transition, mentoring, vocational courses 14-16, science education and for e-learning. His main research interests are secondary curriculum, transition, science education, vocational education, professional development of teachers and continuing professional development (CPD), and initial teacher education.

He has extensive experience of inspecting science and mathematics in 11-16 and 11-18 schools. He has also held a number of leadership positions in large 11-18 comprehensive schools in Devon, Berkshire and Greater Manchester including Assistant Head (curriculum), Head of mathematics and science faculty and professional tutor to ITT trainees and NQTs. He has also held a number of senior roles in initial teacher education including programme leader of all secondary routes. and leader of the Yorkshire and Derbyshire Training Partnership for employment-based initial teacher training routes.

Selected publications

Holland M, Evans A, Hawksley F (2011) International Perspectives on the Theory - Practice divide in Secondary Initial Teacher Education (PDF 1.07MB) Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators in Europe, University of Latvia, August, 2011

Holland M, Hudson T, Cripps C, Barley R, Wolstenholme C (2010) Evaluation of Mentoring Extension to SASP Pilots, Final Report at End of Second Year.

Price I, Clark E, Holland M, Emerton C, Wolstenholme C (2010) Condition Matters: pupil voices on the design and condition of secondary schools (1.02MB) for Cfbt Education Trust

Holland M, Evans A, Hawksley F, Dawson D (2009) Secondary teachers' perceptions of the effectiveness of their pre-service education and strategies to improve pre-service education for teachers: A school based training route in England (PDF 453KB) Presented at the ATEE Conference 2009, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Mallorca

Holland M, Boylan M, Hudson T, Hardy T, Barley R, Cripps C (2009) A study of the TDA-funded subject knowledge provision in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry Final Report for TDA

Holland M, Hudson T (2008) Science Additional Specialism Programme (Pilots) External Evaluation Year 1 Combined report for TDA

Evans A, Hawksley F, Holland M, Wolstenholme C, Willis B (2007) The Role of the Initial Teacher Training Co-ordinator: Secondary Headteachers' and ITT Coordinators' perspectives (PDF 280KB) Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe, University of Wolverhampton 2007

Holland. M, Coldwell, M, and Morgan, B (2007) The Development of the Secondary Vocational Curriculum in a Northern Local Authority in England (PDF 163KB) Paper presented to the European Conference on Education Research Ghent, Belgium, September 2007

Holland M, Evans A, Wolstenholme C, Willis B (Sheffield Hallam University), Fiona Hawksley, (Sheffield LEA) (2006) The role of the Initial Teacher Training Coordinator in the school based element of partnership. To what extent does the Co-ordinator undertake supervision of aspects of quality assurance? (PDF 489KB) Paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators in Europe. 21-25 October 2006, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Published in the conference proceedings

Coldwell M, Morgan A, Holland M, Smith P, Trickey S (2005) Dearne Valley Learning Opportunities Partnership (DeVeLOP) Transition Advisers Project Draft Final Report to Steering Group (PDF 228KB)

Holland, M, Boylan, M and Lowe, G. (2005) The Development of the Professional Values and Practice Standard in the Secondary Graduate Initial Teacher Training Route in England (PDF 184KB). Paper presented to Association for Teacher Education in Europe Conference, Amsterdam, October, 2005.

Holland, M, Chatterton, J, Finlayson, H, and Caillau, I (2005) Implementation of a major E-learning Strategy in Secondary Schools in South Yorkshire (PDF 195KB). Paper presented to European Education Research Association Conference, Dublin. September 2005.

Trickey, S, Coldwell, M, Holland, M, Rybinski, D and Close, P (2005) Evaluation of Valued Youth: A National Peer-Tutoring Programme to Increase Self Confidence and Motivation (PDF 286KB). Paper presented to European Conference on Educational Research, Dublin, September 2005

Coldwell M, Holland M, Rybinski D, Trickey S (2004) Pathways To Success Evaluation, Objective 1 Measure 12, Final Report funded by the European Social Fund (PDF 517KB)

Holland, M, Coldwell, M, Trickey, S and Rybinski, D (2003) New Pathways. Evaluating the implementation of a major work-related programme in Northern England (PDF 76KB), Paper presented to the AERA Annual Meeting, Chicago.

Holland, M, Coldwell, M, Trickey, S, Rybinski, D, Jones, H, Morgan, B, and Byford, H (2003) Pathways to 'Opportunity and Excellence': Collaborative curriculum innovation in South Yorkshire (PDF 73KB), Paper presented to the BERA Annual Conference, Edinburgh, Education-line, University of Leeds.

Holland M, Coldwell, M and Close, P (2002) Transitions and Progress: teachers' views of progress in attainment of pupils age 5-16 (PDF 92KB). Paper presented to the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans.

Trickey, S, Holland, M, Coldwell, M and Rybinski, D (2004) Evaluating teachers' and trainers' development in a large scale curriculum development project in South Yorkshire. Paper presented to BERA Annual Conference, Manchester, Education-line University of Leeds.

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