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Dr Steven EarnshawProfessor Steven Earnshaw

Phone 0114 225 4163

Current work
I am currently researching the figure of ‘the Existential drinker’ in literature. Another area of interest is the significance of ‘names and naming ’ across disciplines. I lead on creative-writing PhDs at Sheffield Hallam University.

Key publications

2017/18 The Existential Drinker (Manchester University Press)

2016 The Memory Clinic (Roman Books; short story collection)

2015 'Habitual Drunkards and Metaphysics: Four Case Studies from the Victorian Period', Social History of Alcohol and Drugs (Winter 2015)

2015 'Charlotte Brontë's Fictional Epistles', Brontë Studies (September 2015)

2015 ‘Drink, Dissolution, Antibiography: The Existential Drinker’. Chapter in Biographies of Drink, eds. Mark Hailwood and Deborah Toner (Cambridge Scholars Publishing)

2015 Short stories: 'Scar', The Wrong Quarterly (Issue 2, March 2015); 'The Whale of Penlan Tork', Lackington's (Issue 6, Spring 2015)

2014 ‘A Theory of Name’, Proceedings of the 24th ICOS, 2011 (International Congress of Onomastic Sciences). DOI: 10.2436/15.8040.01.18

2014 The Handbook of Creative Writing. Second Edition. (Editor; Edinburgh University Press)

2013 ‘Creative Writing and the lash of criticism' ’ (in The Blackwell Companion to Creative Writing, ed. Graeme Harper)

2012 'Give me my name'. Naming and Identity In and Around Jane EyreBrontë Studies 37.3

2012 'Men Couldn’t Imagine Women’s Lives'. Gender and Creative Writing’, in Teaching Gender (Alice Ferrebe and Fiona Tolan, eds. Palgrave Macmillan)

2011 ‘Why Eliot Killed Lydgate. 'Joyful Cruelty’ in Middlemarch ’, in Towards a New Literary Humanism (Andy Mousley, ed., Palgrave Macmillan)

2010 Beginning Realism (Manchester University Press)

2007 The Handbook of Creative Writing (Editor; Edinburgh University Press), incl. the essay, 'The Writer as Artist'

2006 Existentialism: A Guide for the Perplexed (Continuum Press)

2005 Ten Hallam Poets (Co-Editor with Sean O'Brien and E. A. Markham; Mews Press)

2000 The Pub in Literature: England’s Altered State (Manchester University Press)

1996 The Direction of Literary Theory (Macmillan/Palgrave)

Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK

Phone +44 (0)114 225 5555 | Fax +44 (0)114 225 4449

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