Professor Douglas Cleaver

Job title: 
Professor of Materials Modelling

Phone 0114 225 3055 

BSc, PhD, MInstP, CPhys

Research interests

My research is in the field of molecular and mesoscopic modelling, with a particular emphasis on computer simulation of ordered fluids. The majority of my work centres on the use of molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, dissipative particle dynamics, smooth particle hyrodynamics and lattice Boltzmann simulation techniques to investigate the behaviour of freely self-assembling systems. An underlying theme in my work is the use of computer modelling to investigate aspects of systems which are inaccessible to experimental and theoretical study. Another focus of my work is the relationship between molecular interactions and the mesoscopic structures / macroscopic phases to which they lead.

Highlights include studies into confined liquid crystals, spontaneous formation of the gyroid phase by simple particles and hierarchical self-assembly of chiral fibres and other components.

I was awarded the 2012 Cyril Hilsum Medal, the mid-career award of the British Liquid Crystal Society, as recognition of the original contributions my research has made to that field.

Research collaborations 

I have international collaborations with, amongst others, Dr Paulo Teixeira (Lisbon), Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turq (Erlangen) and Prof Claudio Zannoni (Bologna).

In the UK, I have worked with Prof Steve Evans (Leeds) and Prof Nigel Mottram (Strathclyde) as well as industrial collaborators at Unilever (Colworth) and HP (Bristol)  

 I also maintain links with many of my former research students (now running at over 20)            .

In addition to performing novel research, I have an active interest in running Outreach activities for the general public and have co-led a stand “Liquid Crystals: Living Cells to Flat Screen TVs” at some major UK science fairs. This activity has been performed with colleagues from Manchester, Southampton and York Universities, under the auspices of the British Liquid Crystal Society (BLCS).

I am currently on the Steering Committee of the IoP Liquids and Complex Fluids Group and I have previously performed a similar role with CCP5 and the RSC Stat Mech and Thermodynamics Group.

Research Administrative roles

In addition to these research activities, I also have significant administrative and managerial roles in that I lead MERI’s postgraduate research activities and am Chair of the university’s Research Degrees Sub-Committee. In fulfilling these roles, I also contribute to various university- and faculty-level committees relating to, inter alia, Research and Knowledge Transfer, Student Experience, International Activity and Academic Development.

Recent publications

Open-access versions of many of Doug's papers can be accessed at SHURA