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A history of excellence

The Materials and Engineering Research Institute (MERI) was established in 1990 and brings together a highly multi-disciplinary team of researchers who aim to achieve the highest standards in materials and engineering research. The RAE 2008 results confirm MERI’s success in this ambition and support the Institute’s ongoing commitment to an expanding profile of international research.

Our research and consultancy activities are supported by a large advanced equipment base, ranging from the latest electron microscopes to high performance computing hardware.

Staff profiles

Explore this section or browse the A-Z for details of the staff who work in the Materials and Engineering Research Institute. As well as the A-Z, staff are arranged by research centre or group. You can find out more about this structure, and individual members of staff by visiting the pages listed in the section menu on the left.

Student profiles

Explore the profiles of our MPhil and PhD students working inside MERI to find out about their research with us and their relevant past experiences. As well as a full list of students, each student can be found under their respective research centre from the menu on the left.

Relevant research

Our research covers a broad range of topics, from semiconductors to concrete and from theoretical modelling to industrial applied coatings.

We specialise in research relevant to real life. The majority of our activities are focused on real commercial needs and many of our activities are sponsored by companies. This includes sponsorship from a broad range of sectors such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, biomedical and many more.

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Commercial services (consultancy)

We recognise the timescales and budgets under which industry operates, and have set up commercial services to respond appropriately. We are recognised in the region as a Centre for Industrial Collaboration (CIC), which allows us to respond in the appropriate manner to industrial needs.

Our commercial service utilises experienced academic staff, our advanced equipment base and experience of industry. We offer a range of services including advanced analytical testing of materials, failure analysis and new product development.

We work with over 200 companies, from SMEs to large international companies with a range of budgets. We have carried out thousands of jobs for companies, ensuring that the answers we provide are complete, relevant and on time.

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Featured staff profile

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Acting Director of MERI/ Head of Business Development