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Owen building - level 6 refurbishment

The redevelopment of Owen Building, Level 6, is continuing in 2008 with a re-creation of the catering areas on that level.

The project started in January 2008 and is planned for completion September 2008, in summary, this will include:

  • Opening up of Rollers to create a Learning Hub which is fundamentally a restaurant but which is flexible in its use throughout the day. This will enable students and staff to meet socially and professionally. The new layout will reflect the Collegiate Heart of the Campus model and is planned to seat up to 270. There will be an increase in till points and a more customer friendly 'route through' to speed up throughput and improve service to customers.
  • The food production kitchen is being fully refurbished to enable efficient modern production methods.
  • The Howard Suite will be refurbished to create a more appropriate dining room environment suitable for entertaining and fine dining. An increase in glazed areas where existing windows are will open up the space and create a view of Hallam Square. The space will still be primarily for hospitality/conference use with facilities for staff as well as Postgraduate students.
  • Whilst refurbishing the space, increased energy efficiencies will be considered and implemented where possible.
  • Space will be Wi-fi enabled.

Owen building

Download the estates plan for catering refurbishments and temporary outlets

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