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Postgraduate study and research degrees

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Postgraduate study and research degrees 'As an undergraduate you study academic ideas. As a postgraduate, you help create academic ideas.'
Dr Iain Garner, head of international markets and recruitment
Whether you want to develop your career, change direction or become an expert in an academic field, we want to see you fulfil your potential. With the range of courses we offer, we're confident you'll find one to help you achieve your goals. We understand that postgraduate study is a big commitment, but we make sure it's worthwhile - and the rewards will speak for themselves when you graduate. Our courses are designed in partnership with employers, professional associations and practice specialists. This ensures you graduate with the skills employers are looking for.
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Develop your career Stand out in the job market Everyone's aware how competitive today's job market is - but a postgraduate degree can give you the edge, making you stand out to employers. It shows them that you have the transferrable skills they desire. 83% of postgraduates are in full-time employment within six months of graduating, compared with 68% of undergraduates.* Increase your earning potential A postgraduate degree is a big investment, but it can lead to increased earnings. The average salary for postgraduates in full-time employment is £29,017 compared with £21,361 for undergraduates.* *Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education in the United Kingdom for the Academic Year 2009/10, HESA Search for a course - visit our online prospectus Change direction It's not too late to change direction and change your future. Around a third of our postgraduate courses don't ask for a related undergraduate degree. So you can study a different subject - which will ultimately lead you down a different career path. You may also be able to fast track into a new profession such as real estate or law. Our conversion courses are specifically designed to help you enter a career which is unrelated from your undergraduate degree - so you don't have to start over again. This means changing direction is a real option. Visit the online prospectus to view the entry requirements for the courses you're interested, and find out whether you can apply. Find out more about our taught courses Become an academic expert Postgraduate research enables you to investigate a specialist topic of your choice. You can make new discoveries that have a real impact on the world around you. There are also opportunities to get involved in teaching and seminars, to present papers at conferences and to publish your work, building your professional reputation. Your research is supported by expert supervision from an experienced researcher, a programme of supporting studies, and by pastoral and administrative staff. Find out more about research degrees

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