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City Campus

City Campus is located in the heart of the city centre, only two minutes walk from Sheffield train station. Click on the buildings around interactive scene to discover more.

Cantor Building


This building houses over 240 staff and provides teaching space for more than 1,600 students.

Facilities include

  • WiFi technology
  • pool teaching rooms
  • a double height lecture theatre
  • dramatic three storey glass open atrium
  • meeting rooms
  • office accommodation
  • reception desk area
  • specialist IT facilities
  • Chef Hallam catering outlet
  • a gallery
  • parking for disabled badge holders

The active frontage is made from innovative ‘Blink’ glass, which is opaque when dormant but becomes clear when an electrical charge is passed through it. This provides a shop window, enabling students to display their work to passers by.

The building also boasts some of the most sustainable and energy-saving features anywhere in the city.

  • the building uses the earth’s ability to store heat in the ground and a pump supplies it to parts of the building
  • solar panels heat the water supply for the building
  • the energy from burning University waste also heats the building, so central heating boilers are not required
  • it has a sophisticated building management system which monitors temperatures so heating is supplied as and when required
  • lights are controlled by passive Infra-red controls and day light sensors

The exterior of the Cantor Building

ClassroomLecture theatreMeeting roomDisabled accesswi-fiCycle RacksIT facilitiesMultimediaWorkshopsMedical roomStudy roomEditing suiteStudio spaceVending machines

City Campus

This scene contains information about the main buildings in our City Campus. Clicking on a building name will open a media box which contains information about that building including

  • the facilities available
  • image galleries, 360 degree tours and videos of the main rooms
  • local catering outlets
  • how to get there

The scenes can be navigated by clicking on the interactive areas or by using the left hand navigation. You can also use the quick links navigation to get to the same content.

Sheffield Hallam University, City Campus, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK

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