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Faculty and central directorate structure


Faculty of Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences

Including • art and design • business systems and IT • communication and media • computers and computing • engineering and technology • mathematics and statistics • multimedia and internet.

Faculty of Development and Society

Including • built environment • counselling • criminology and community justice • education • English • environment • film, theatre and performance • forensics • geography • history • law • planning, regeneration and housing • psychology • social sciences.

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Including • biosciences • diagnostic radiography • nursing and midwifery • occupational therapy • operating department practitioners • paramedic studies • physiotherapy • radiotherapy and oncology • social work • sport and active lifestyles.

Sheffield Business School

Including • business and management • facilities management • finance • food and nutrition • language and culture • tourism, hospitality and leisure.

Central directorates

Corporate Communications

We help raise the University's profile and manage its reputation. Internally, we help to ensure that a clear sense of direction and priorities for action are communicated across the University and understood by all employees.

Finance – see also our information for suppliers

We're responsible for the day-to-day management of the University's financial systems, processing all purchasing and payment operations and offering professional advice to staff. We also ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory financial requirements.

Facilities Directorate

We support the University community with a range of essential services. These include • accommodation • portering • cleaning • sport and fitness facilities • catering • security • printing. The directorate is also responsible for providing and maintaining the University's physical environment.

Human Resources

We support the recruitment, retention, reward and development of a high-calibre and engaged workforce.

International Development

We work closely with faculties and other central departments to implement the University's international development strategy and its aims and objectives. Our responsibilities include recruiting international students and building international business and partnership opportunities.


We research the needs of our consumers and the higher education market. We use this knowledge to develop a distinctive position for the University and create engaging communications to help achieve recruitment targets and generate research and knowledge transfer income.

Research and Innovation Office

We support the University's research activities. We also work to develop a spirit of enterprise in students and staff and to encourage collaborations with businesses.

Student and Learning Services

We're responsible for the delivery of learning, IT and advisory services. We support students and staff, from pre-entry to career guidance, and many of the University's underpinning processes and systems.

Secretary and Registrar's Directorate

We provide professional specialist services to the faculties, departments, executive and board of governors of the University. We advise on • process improvement • strategy development and implementation • planning • decision-making • assurance • legal compliance.

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