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Art and Design Research Centre

Headed up by Paul Chamberlain (Professor of Design) the ADRC leads and manages research in the disciplines of Fine Art, Design and Media Production.

Research activity takes place in four broad domains: creative practices in healthcare; advanced making processes and theory; social, cultural and philosophical narratives; and applied research in digital media. However, our interdisciplinary and operational approach recognises and enables these boundaries to be permeable as evidenced by diverse research and creative practice undertaken by our staff.

Researchers in ADRC are involved in the development of new methods and techniques for research and their application in the generation of products, designs and works of art that change our understanding or create new knowledge that adds to social, cultural and economic well-being.

Our research strategy focuses on the origination and generation of ideas and knowledge through practice, reflection and dialogue and its dissemination to other academics, practitioners, end users, commerce and industries. The centre actively supports and develops collaborative clusters to undertake large scale research programmes as well as the continuing support of the lone scholar.

Closely aligned to the ADRC is Design Futures, a discrete unit within C3RI delivering packaging and product design, research and development to industry. Design Futures has a proven track record as innovators being cited as inventors or contributors to a portfolio of intellectual property, it has accrued a number of design awards.

For further information please contact

Ian Braddick (Administrator)
+44 (0)114 225 6740
Email i.braddick@shu.ac.uk

Professor Paul Chamberlain (Head of Centre)
Phone +44 (0)114 225 6771
Email p.m.chamberlain@shu.ac.uk

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