About us

About us

The Centre for Leadership (CfL) is a long-established centre for excellence in the fields of leadership and organisation development for professionals like you.  We work in partnership with many health and social care organisations across the UK to provide their staff with leadership development opportunities.

We are a long-standing partner with many trusts across the UK.  Some of whom, particularly in the Yorkshire and Humber and East Midlands regions, have used us a main provider for leadership development of their staff for over 25 years.   

Reap the Organisational Benefits

Our central philosophy in working with all our stakeholders is partnership. This is one reason why the Centre consistently has some of the highest satisfaction ratings.  More importantly, many of our students report that their careers have progressed significantly as a result of studying with us.  They feel more confident, as they now possess the skills they need to operate successfully in the current health and social care environment.

It is not only the student who benefits from participation in our programmes, your organisation directly benefits too. From the applied skills that enable them to be more effective in the workplace, through to the enhanced leadership and management capabilities they display, everything your staff learn and do on our programmes allows them to contribute to developing and improving services.

This is not simply a long-term investment.  Individual and service performance improvement begin immediately, and, as your staff members grow as leaders, the impact of their growing capabilities leads to greater outcomes within your organisation.

Finally, our programmes can play a vital role in your talent management programme, as the enhanced capabilities gained from participation in our programmes equips our students to undertake more senior roles within your organisation.

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