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Our director

Our director

Professor Sam Twiselton's (OBE) background embodies the ethos of the SIoE: academic excellence underpinned by rigorous research and application.

Sam Twiselton

'I am inspired by the moral purpose that drives everyone associated with the institute - a passionate belief that we can help young people realise their goals by offering inspiring teaching and learning environments. I want Sheffield Hallam to be the first choice for those seeking to train as teachers, or who want to access the wealth of diverse expertise housed here.

'My route to directorship has given me a grasp of the many ways into and branches of education, and I'm committed to providing outstanding courses for a plethora of disciplines related to education, right through from foundation degree to postdoctoral research.

'I began my own journey teaching in primary schools, both in rural and urban settings, small and large, with all the incumbent challenges these entail. Via a number of senior academic posts and a PhD, I rose to become executive dean of the faculty of education at the University of Cumbria.

'The challenges I faced there, during a time of turbulent educational change at national level, have left me with the skills and determination to push the SIoE towards fulfilling its potential as a focus for real-world excellence pushing practice and policy forward.

'My experience means I understand the importance of supporting students and practitioners at all stages of their career. I believe passionately in the value of partnerships and I want to embed students in schools and other educational settings, giving them the best chance of future employment once they complete their studies.

'I also want those settings to see the value of Sheffield Hallam students, and to see them as an additional resource to be used as well as nurtured. I see working with education professionals as vital to this goal of providing a rich environment in which everyone involved can thrive.'

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