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Early Years Conference: Educating the 21st Century Child

Date: From Friday 10 November 2017 to Saturday 11 November 2017

Time: 08.45 AM to 04.00 PM (Friday), 08.45 AM to 12.30 PM (Saturday)
Venue: Sheffield Town Hall

We are pleased to be able to offer this exciting conference that brings together the traditions of effective early years practice with the latest understandings of how young children develop so that we can support their holistic development and improve their outcomes and life chances.

The conference presents a range of speakers who come from different organisations and disciplines but who are united by their message that we need to incorporate the latest findings from research into how children develop and learn into our practice and seize the opportunities presented by 21st Century technologies. These new understandings often shed light onto why aspects of traditional early years practice are effective and support existing wisdom.

The conference is a result of collaboration between Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Institute of Education and comes from a recognition that everyone that works within the Early Years Foundation Stage need to work together to share our knowledge and expertise for the children and families we work with. To ensure that the conference is open to all in the early years the full programme on the Friday will be repeated in a shortened format on the Saturday morning.

For full details and to book please download the event flyer (PDF, 462 KB)

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