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SIOE Seminar

Collaboration and partnership within school(s) led system of teacher education

 Dr Nick Sorensen

Visiting Research Fellow, Bath Spa University 

3rd October 2019 16:00 - 17:30

Room 12.3.17, Charles Street Building

City Campus 

Sheffield Hallam University

Between 2013 and 2018 the Diversity in Teacher Education research programme at Bath Spa University attempted to chronicle the origins, character and effects of the different ways of training teachers in England that followed the implementation of the 2010 White Paper "The Importance of Teaching". This was the first attempt to explore changes in teacher education since the influential Modes of Teacher Education (MOTE) project in the 1990s and resulted in the book "Diversity in Teacher Education: perspectives on a school-led system" (2019, UCL IOE Press)  

In this seminar Nick Sorensen will outline how the DiTE research programme developed before addressing how notions of partnership have changed in relation to earlier notions of the two 'ideal typical' models of partnership ('collaborative' and 'complementary') that were developed in the earlier MOTE study. The research findings provide a picture of fluid and negotiated arrangements between schools and HEIs that are aimed at protecting the interests of both and which enable schools to secure an advantageous position within a complex system.

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