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Children's and Young People's Digital Literacies in Virtual Online Spaces

ESRC seminar series


Professor Guy Merchant

Partner organisations

Lancaster University (Julia Gillen) and University of Sheffield (Julia Davies and Jackie Marsh)

Project date


ESRC-funded seminar series and conference on young people's literacies in virtual spaces

This seminar series and dissemination conference provided a forum for key national and international researchers in digital literacies to explore how children and young people are developing meaning-making practices in online virtual worlds and related spaces.

The aims were to investigate children's digital literacy practices in virtual worlds, online massive multiplayer online games and alternate or mixed-reality learning environments. We explored ways of exploiting opportunities for literacy educators. You can read more about the series on our partner Lancaster University's pages.


Economic and Social Research Council

Document links

Virtual Literacies: Interactive Spaces for Children and Young People (Routledge) (edited by Guy Merchant, Julia Gillen, Jackie Marsh, Julia Davies)

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