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Early Outcomes South Yorkshire Evaluation

An evaluation of the DfE funded Early Outcomes programme in South Yorkshire exploring the way four Local Authorities and the South Yorkshire Futures social mobility partnership collaborated to improve early years Speech and Language provision across the region.

Teacher reading to young children at school. Children sat on the floor facing the teacher who is holding the book for them to see.

Project Team

Eleanor ByrneMike ColdwellBen Willis

Project Dates


The Early Outcomes Framework Project was a one-year DfE investment established to support strategic level transformation of Local Authority (LA) Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) provision. Funded by the DfE in March of 2019, the overall ambition of the fund was to increase the number of local authorities starting a journey of transformation to improve the collective operation of local services in securinggood early language outcomes for children. A South Yorkshire Early Outcomes consortium of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Doncaster Council, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and Sheffield City Council came together alongside the South Yorkshire Futures (SYF) social mobility partnership based at Sheffield Hallam University as a regional working group to deliver systematic change. 

The aim of the evaluation was to undertake a process evaluation to explore indicators of effectiveness and perceptions outcomes. It sought to draw out learning and best practice, test out the project's Theory of Change and identify implications for regional policy and practice more broadly.

The findings indicate that all project milestones have been delivered but the levels of engagement across the four LAs varied and this was said to largely correlate with the amount of resource allocated to the project. Factors that supported delivery included the data and the support provided by the SYF team, flexibility in delivery and track record of previous working.


South Yorkshire Early Outcomes Consortium


Evaluation of the Early Outcomes Framework Fund Final

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