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Andy Bullough, Josephine Booth, Joelle Halliday and Judith Higginson

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Shifting school science towards responsible research and innovation

ENGAGE materials have become used and respected by teachers for their quality, student engagement and learning potential. We are proud to have been a winner of a 2017 Open Educational Resources (OER) and Project Award for Open Education Excellence. This award was given to ENGAGE for our curriculum materials, and was recognition of our novel approach to teaching young people science through the theme of Responsible Research and Innovation.

ENGAGE was aimed to give the next generation of students the knowledge, skills and attitudes to deal with socio-scientific issues in their lives, and develop informed opinions on emerging science and technology. ENGAGE’s goal is to embed Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) within the science curriculum and change the way science is taught. Through a set of innovative strategies, we have attempted to shift the emphasis from transmitting a body of scientific knowledge towards applying science to issues that matter to students. At the heart of ENGAGE is using authentic activities to simulate how citizens conduct inquiries. ENGAGE operates on a major scale. More than 20,000 teachers have signed up across 11 partner countries: UK, Greece, Germany, France, Romania, Israel, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Cyprus.

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