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Equality and Differentiation in Marketised Higher Education

Equality and Differentiation in Marketised Higher Education


Professor Colin McCaig with contributions from SIoE colleagues Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, Professor Carol Taylor, Dr Manuel Madriaga, Dr Damien Fitzgerald, Dr Jean Harris-Evans, Dr Iain Garner



SIoE Professor Colin McCaig is contributor and co-editor of new book on English higher education policy and equality

The latest in the series Palgrave Studies in Excellence and Equity in Global Education, the new collection Equality and Differentiation in Marketised Higher Education: A New Level Playing Field? unites leading scholars in the field who:

  • Explore how discourses and practices of marketisation, differentiation and equity are manifested in higher education today.
  • Expose the contradictions which arise between equity and an increasingly marketised higher education.
  • Examine the impact and implications of marketisation on equity in higher education and the conception of education as a vehicle for advancing equality and social justice.

Colin contributes three chapters to the collection:

  • English Higher Education: Widening Participation and the Historical Context for System Differentiation.
  • System differentiation in England: the imposition of supply and demand.
  • Conceptualising equality, equity and differentiation in marketised higher education: fractures and fault-lines in the neoliberal imaginary (with Marion Bowl and Jonathan Hughes).

SIoE colleague Professor Jacqueline Stevenson is co-author of: Marketisation, Institutional Stratification and Differentiated Pedagogic Approaches.

Professor Carol Taylor, Dr Jean Harris-Evans, Dr Iain Garner, Dr Damien Fitzgerald and Dr Manuel Madriaga together contribute: Measurement Imperatives and Their Impact: Academic Staff Narratives on Riding the Metric Tide.

This pioneering volume will be of value to students and scholars of higher education in England, education policy and the marketisation of higher education, as well as policy-makers and practitioners.

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