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Evaluation of the Realistic Maths Education programme

Scales of RME


Sean Demack, Professor Mark Boylan, Dr Rachel Handforth, Claire Wolstenholme, Dr Martin Culliney

Project date


Investigating whether Realistic Maths Education methods can help Year 7 & Year 8 pupils improve their maths attainment

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is funding a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of Realistic Maths Education (RME) delivered by teachers and researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University. The RME project focuses on Y7 and Y8 pupils, and offers specialist training for Key Stage 3 teachers which aims to:

  • develop pupils’ sense-making strategies and problem-solving abilities.
  • raise pupil attainment and engagement, including for pupil premium students
  • support the development of a deep conceptual understanding
  • support teachers to promote a more interactive classroom culture
  • provide materials and guidance for use in both mixed and set groups

Sheffield Hallam University is undertaking an independent evaluation of RME in 120 English secondary schools. The RCT will be used to establish whether RME leads to pupil gains in mathematics attainment. Further mixed-methods research will focus on how intervention schools and teachers implemented RME and to help understand the findings of the RCT.

Read more about the Realistic Maths Education intervention on the EEF's web pages.

Documents for participating schools and parents

Realistic Maths Evaluation - Fair Processing Notice (SHU and MMU) (DOC)
Realistic Maths Evaluation - School Information Sheet (DOC)


EEF - Educational Endowment Foundation

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