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Maths and Physics Teacher Supply Package: Scoping and Early Process Evaluation

Maths Physics supply


Bernie Stiell, Dr Mike Coldwell, Dr Eleanor Byrne, Dr Emily Perry

Partner organisation

NfER (National Foundation for Educational Research)

Project date


An early stages evaluation of four programmes to improve Maths and Physics teacher recruitment and retention

The evaluation focused on four different programmes.

  • Paid Internships offered paid experience in schools targeted at penultimate year maths and physics undergraduates. The scheme was popular with participants and was felt to have potential in future to lead to increased numbers applying to ITT.

  • Maths and Physics Chairs recruited, trained and placed PhD researchers as teachers. There were communications issues which led to fewer successes than hoped, which were addressed after the study took place.

  • Return to Teaching focused on returners. Around 11% of those supported successfully attained teaching posts, lower than the expected conversion rate due in particular to difficulties in gaining appropriate classroom experience: the advice provided was experienced as very positive.

  • Teacher Subject Specialism Training provided subject-specific training for non-specialists. The programme was very well received by participants, especially in terms of improved confidence and subject and pedagogical knowledge.


Department for Education

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Project report for DfE - March 2017

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