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National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) Evaluation



Dr Liz Austen and Alan Donnelly (STEER - Student Engagement, Evaluation and Research), Professor Colin McCaig (CDARE) and Christine O'Leary (Sheffield Business School) with contributions from Clare de Normanville (Heath and Wellbeing), Sarah Jane Reaney-Wood and Rachel Handforth (CDARE).

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Evaluation team led by STEER's Dr Liz Austen and SIoE's Professor Colin McCaig finds that the NTFS is highly valued by the sector.

This research has two aims and two objectives.

Aim 1. Evaluate the impact and current relevance of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme across the sector, including in relation to those providers who have not participated in the scheme.

Aim 2. Inform decisions on the future format of the scheme, including the approach to its financing.

Objective 1. To establish the extent to which the NTFS has achieved its aims across the HE sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Objective 2. To set out considerations and options for funders with regard to the format of the scheme, approach to delivery and its funding in the new regulatory regime.

Findings: The final report found that the NTFS scheme is highly valued by the sector and recommended it should be continued in some way, albeit reformed, with a focus on more effective administration and sustained impact.




Austen, L., Donnelly, A., McCaig, C., and O'Leary, C. (2018) Evaluation of the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme: Final Report. August 2018. Available here.

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