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Science From The Bridge

Science from the bridge

Team Members

Andy Bullough, Dr Jo Booth, Nick Speed, Dave M Jones and John Walker

Project Date


Access to quality science inquiry-focused activities within a university setting for the home-school educated

Helping children to develop key life skills:

  • The skills developed via science inquiry are entirely transferrable and essential life skills - such as questioning, identifying and solving problems, planning and communication. These are key skills for the project's target audience in order to progress and sustain learning across all subjects and to equip them better for the future.
  • The development of inquiry and associated skills via practical activities aims to empower children in their learning and knowledge acquisition. Collaborative working will develop positive relationship with peers and adults in a non-threatening, informal environment that will provide opportunities for socialisation and discovery and enable participants to pursue their interests.
  • Many children lack self-esteem and fear failure, particularly in forming relationships. Our focus on practical skills in inquiry-based learning aims to help children build relationships with science and wider learning while also giving them the opportunity to build social skills by working with their peers.


Sheffield Hallam University

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