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The Common Ground Curriculum

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Project team

Dr Stuart Bevins, Dr Emily Perry, Gareth Price

Partner organisation

The Common Ground Collaborative

Project date


Building a global curriculum

The Common Ground Curriculum (CGC) is an initiative driven by developers at the International School of Brussels (ISB). It seeks to develop a curriculum that builds in the best of current research evidence into curriculum organisation and pedagogy alongside a commitment to allow schools across the globe to develop learning packages that reflect both local conditions and the needs of international citizens. SIoE's Centre for Development and Research and Education (CDARE) produced the science framework for students from Kindergarten to Grade 10 (age 16) and has been involved in a series of workshops for teachers interested in implementing this approach.

CGC makes use of conceptual strands, identified by CDARE, that encapsulate the key issues that students should know and understand as they progress from K to G10. These conceptual strands have statements at every Grade level to allow teachers to generate content that would allow exploration of the relevant understanding. The great benefit of this approach is that it allows schools to generate their own location-relevant content to cover in lessons but within a framework that preserves the integrity of scientific domain knowledge.

As with all CGC curricula, the CGC science embeds eight Human Commonalities which include topics such as creative expression, personal meaning and connections to the natural world to provide a human-friendly approach to the science curriculum.

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