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Alison Kinna

Alison Kinna

BA Europe, Outokumpu - Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Outokumpu employs approximately 120 people in Sheffield and is involved in the promotion, processing, distribution and sale of all types of stainless steel which are manufactured at their plants in Finland, Sweden, Germany and here in Sheffield. Stainless steel is used in all kinds of industry in the UK – from Body Scanners to insulin injector pens and from nuclear decommissioning to kitchen sinks.

Alison Kinna is responsible for end to end planning of a complex supply chain, encompassing production sites in Finland, Germany and Sweden, and distribution facilities throughout Europe and Asia Pacific.

Alison has specific responsibilities for sales and operations planning which matches Outokumpu’s sales demand with production and routing choices to achieve the most optimal route to market while at the same time maintaining and improving on customer service levels.

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