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How we helped the Youngman Group to ensure long-term growth

The Youngman Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of access equipment, lighting towers and events products. They have distributors in over 25 countries, from France and Belgium through to Singapore, Australia, Nigeria and Qatar.

They’re an award-winning company, known for an innovative approach and high-profile clients. Their groundbreaking lighting towers at Glastonbury 2011 helped the festival to become the world’s very first event of its kind to achieve carbon-neutral status.

To maintain its success, the Youngman Group takes care to invest in its staff. When they were looking to develop the skills of their senior management team, they came to Sheffield Business School.

What we did

As the Youngman Group was rapidly expanding, a leadership development programme was required to allow senior staff to adapt to the changing face of the business.

Along with our associates Leadteam Executive Development Ltd (L.E.D.), we set about creating a tailor made programme.

We devised a five module course. It allowed participants to apply new skills directly to their work, and included everything from teamwork and creativity to product development, strategy and business improvement.

The results

The programme has proved a great success for the Youngman Group and has already led to a second cohort.

"The needs that we identified early on in the planning process were varied, but some central themes included the need to develop individuals themselves, the critical importance of succession planning, and getting people to think beyond their own areas of responsibility."

"An added bonus was that we were able to accredit the programme, meaning that all those who successfully completed it not only benefited from important personal and professional development, but also gained a Certificate in Professional Business Practice," said Sarah Fidment of Sheffield Business School.

They say

"We are delighted with the leadership development programme, as the participants have developed significantly both in terms of their leadership ability and as a management team.

"Staff have enjoyed the challenges created by the programme and having completed the first year, most are keen to go on and do a further year’s programme — a great testimony in itself. Staff motivation and commitment has also increased as a result of individuals being more involved in organisational decision making and change.

"The company processes and results have improved significantly over this period and there is no doubt that staff development through attending the programme at Sheffield Business School has proved to be a key enabler to these results."

Paul Bentley — Managing Director, the Youngman Group

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