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Individual and group diagnostics

Individual and group diagnostics

We offer a broad range of services that aim to cultivate and inspire our next generation of leaders.

One-day Emotional Capital workshop

By teaming up with emotional intelligence experts RocheMartin, we can offer specialised leadership development tools as an innovative basis for professional development.

Emotional Capital Report and Summary

Based on emotional intelligence, these leadership development tools review your leadership potential and are an excellent basis for providing a personalised development programme. 

You can also compare responses from your own scores with that of your colleagues using a 360 report. This yields a gap analysis of how you're perceived by others and how you perceive yourself. This type of insight can prove an effective basis for a personal development programme.

Coaching at Sheffield Business School

Gain maximum benefit from diagnostics assessment and feedback with face-to-face and phone support.

Staff development with Insights Discovery

Another diagnostics tool we can offer your organisation is the Insights Discovery system, which has been registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS) and their testing centre (PTC). Based on the extensive research of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, the model uses four colours to represent observable behavioural patterns which are measured by the Discovery evaluator; a 25-frame questionnaire of statements from 100 word pairs, which when completed, produces an accurate assessment of each employee’s unique preferences.

Management training using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Develop your managers using our Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) programmes. MBTI assesses individuals on how they prefer to gain their energy for tasks, the way they process information, their preferred decision-making process and their general approach to life. Through this assessment it identifies unique gifts, motivations and potential areas for growth.

Speak to us about providing specialist diagnostics for your organisation.

We know what the skills of exceptional leaders look like. We know that they're grounded in the nuts and bolts of social competency. There's a multitude of evidence correlating the relationship between that and success.

Dr Martyn Newman, SBS visiting fellow and executive director, RocheMartin

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Speak to us about providing specialist diagnostics for your organisation

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