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Hallam Freelancers

Hallam Freelancers

Freelancer 2022

Hallam Freelancers provides businesses with access to our carefully selected student and graduate talent on a freelance basis.

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There are times when a business finds itself with more work than the current team can realistically manage. The answer might be to employ more staff on the payroll, but this can be an expensive, time consuming activity. Furthermore, it might be that the increase in work is only temporary. Look no further than Hallam Freelancers.

Hallam Freelancers is an exciting and innovative addition to our free online vacancy service, providing businesses with access to our carefully selected student and graduate talent on a freelance basis.

Six good reasons for accessing our Hallam Freelancers service

  • Flexibility: not every project you take on will require someone to work full-time or even part-time. Contracting a freelancer has the advantage of providing your business with the skilled person you require at the right time for a specific period of time.
  • Affordability: freelancers don’t have the same overhead costs as employees. You just agree a price with the freelancer for the work to be undertaken and the terms for payment. There is no requirement to provide a workspace or equipment.
  • Immediacy: it is a fast and efficient way to recruit talent as and when your workload requires. Your freelancer will focus on the task or project assigned to them, leaving you free to concentrate on other activities.
  • Expertise: you will be able to recruit talent with the right skill set to complete your project on time and to budget.
  • Independence: freelancers do not require investment in training. You will select your freelancer because they have the ability to work independently and get the job done to the agreed required standard.
  • Innovation: Hallam Freelancers are innovative, creative and receptive to new technology and ways of doing things. They do not have pre-conceived attitudes and so can bring new, exciting and fresh ideas and insight to a project.

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