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ISM North Regional Event - Six Steps to Developing MUSICAL Value Propositions that Sell

Date: Thursday 11 October 2018
Time: 05.30 PM to 08.00 PM
Venue: Stoddart Building, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University

In an world where the competition is fierce and fact acting, and customer demands are heightened 58% of B2B sales are lost to the biggest competitor of them all, Inertia. This is because selling organisations, both through their sales and marketing, don't do a good enough job of helping the customer see and make the case for change, so they stick with what they've got. Six Steps to Developing MUSICAL Value Propositions that Sell will help you break that inertia and sell more - on customer value.

Dr Simon Kelly and Dr Paul Johnston  describe themselves as pracademics who blend long careers in commercial senior sales and marketing positions with academic research. Join them in this interactive session to help you develop MUSICAL value propositions that sell based on their book "Value-ology: Aligning Sales and Marketing to Shape and Deliver Profitable value Propositions".

Session 1 - What value is your customer looking for vs. what value do you talk to him about  (with Dr Paul Johnston)

Paul will explore the different types of value customers are looking for and the importance about being clear what customer value is. How do you draw customer value out in a sales conversation?

In an interactive session, Paul will challenge you to consider how you currently communicate value to customers vs. what they may really be looking for.

Session 2 - How to create a MUSICAL Value proposition that sells (with Dr Simon Kelly)

Simon will walk you through the process for developing a MUSICAL value proposition that will resonate with your customers and help you sell more. In an interactive session you will be able to complete a value proposition exercise designed to help you sell more effectively.

You can register your place at this event by clicking here.

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