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Research activity in International Business and Economics Research Group (IBERG)

Reseach Work in IBERG

  • International Trade and Medium Sized Businesses Funded by UKTI, this project examined the barriers and opportunities to engage in exporting among medium-sized businesses located within the Sheffield City Region. Through in-depth interviews with these firms an overall picture of the exporting activities of these firms was constructed and the results used to produce a set of policy recommendations to UKTI. (Principal Investigators: Alex Anderson and Andrew Johnston)
  • University-Industry Linkages within the UK Food Sector: An Exploratory Analysis Funded by the National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering, this project examined the extent of collaborative links between universities and businesses in the food manufacturing and technology sector. The project examined funding streams in this areas as well as modelling the factors that influence the formation of these links (Principal Investigator: Andrew Johnston)
  • Assessing the  Characteristics, Determinants and Spatial Variations of Internationalised New Ventures in the UK Funded by the department of Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy/Warwick Enterprise Centre, this project examined the antecedents of internationalised new ventures within the UK, the differences between these and non-internationalised new ventures, as well as exploring the geographic distribution of these firms across the UK. (Principal Investigator: Andrew Johnston)
  • Understanding University Collaboration: Insights into Partner Selection Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of the Festival of Social Science, this was a one day workshop designed to disseminate insights from research in this area to the business and practitioner communities (Principal Investigator: Andrew Johnston)
  • Sheffield Hallam Digital Hub and Accelerator Funded by HEIF, this project aims to assess the needs of the Sheffield City Region's digital sector with respect to incubator and accelerator provision. (Co-Investigator: Andrew Johnston)
  • The Yorkshire Accelerator Programme Funded by HEIF Impact Fellowship Award, this project was designed to raise awareness of the Yorkshire accelerator programme within SHU through events designed to bring together industry and academia. (Principle Investigator: Shinga Masango)
  • The Sheffield Chinatown Business Incubator Centre Funded by the HEIF Impact Fellowship. The project seeks awareness of the opportunities facing businesses in the Sheffield City Region to be located in the new Chinatown business incubator. (Principal Investigator: Bradley R Barnes, Co-Investigator Annie Chen)
  • Managing International Business Relationships Funded by the Chinese Government - CSR (A Chinese SoE). The project looks at improving work based practices between the integration of UK and Chinese employees across businesses located in the UK. (Principal Investigator: Yumiao Tian, Co-Investigator Bradley R Barnes)
  • Survey on Integration Process in International Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Funded by the Global PMI University (the academic and research arm of Global PMI partners UK Ltd). In 2015, we surveyed 143 senior M&A professionals involved in international M&A asking about the factors influencing cross border M&A integration success. The survey data were used for consultancy report and academic purpose such as teaching and journal article writing (in British Journal of Management). (Principal Investigator: Dr Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, Co-Investigator Mr Andrew Scola - Partner Global PMI UK Ltd)
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