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Languages and cultures

Languages and cultures

Find out how we can help you gain a greater command and understanding of languages and cultures, giving you the edge in your future career.

Why study languages and cultures

Studying languages and cultures will broaden your horizons, teaching you how global cultures interact. You will develop lifelong skills to navigate new scenarios, overcome barriers and solve problems – and we’ll be here to guide you as you discover your strengths and passions.

Why study with us

Our courses are carried out alongside International Business, Tourism or TESOL. Learning a language and its culture will give you a great advantage when combined with these other fields. It broadens your career options to include international work settings. Additionally, our languages and cultures subject group has been ranked 10th in the UK.

Here’s a bit more about what we offer.

  • Experienced and enthusiastic team: our priority is to give you the right learning experiences so you can enjoy your course. We will help you reach your full potential so you graduate with extensive intercultural skills.
  • Time abroad: we are particularly proud of this, as we have seen how transformative and empowering trips abroad are for our students – even those with doubts.
  • Dedicated language centre: one of the few of its kind in the country, this is a flexible space with specialist language software. Here, you can learn and work collaboratively, exchange ideas, and meet other students. We also host activities here, like weekly tandem meetings that give learners a chance to exchange language skills.
  • Award-winning language society: the Languages Society was voted the Best Society in 2018/19 and the Most Attended Society Event in 19/20, our community is active, tight-knit and welcoming. You can mingle with fellow students, foreign language assistants and academics at our regular events.
  • Peer mentoring: you can be partnered with a senior student who is learning the same language. You will get peer support and advice whilst improving your mentor’s confidence.
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Placement and opportunities abroad

We encourage you to live abroad during your course. It is a great opportunity to help you gain valuable skills during your study and work abroad programmes.

Internships with relevant employers allow you to practice your language and intercultural skills whilst improving your employability. You will become confident and self-reliant, as you adapt to living in a new country and city.

You can study abroad in one of our partner institutions for six months. You will have the chance to experience education in a different environment and meet other international students.

About our staff

We are a passionate subject group. We are committed to providing excellent teaching underpinned by current research and best practices.

Our team is made up of 12 permanent members of staff as well as associate lecturers. We conduct internationally excellent research and have expertise in Spanish, French, German, Italian and Chinese languages and cultures.

Year after year, our staff members in the languages and cultures subject group have been the recipients of Inspirational Teaching Awards.

Our research

Research specialisms amongst the languages and cultures staff include:

  • History
  • Politics
  • Media
  • Popular culture
  • Linguistics and translation studies
  • Women in business
  • Employability

We welcome any prospective PhD students in these areas, and also those wishing to visit our department.

Get in touch

To find out more about studying languages and cultures at Hallam, email our admissions and recruitment tutor at

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