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An extra pair of hands whenever your organisation needs them

Our students are looking for short-term work experience. It will help them develop their skills and enhance their employment prospects.

Many of our skilled, knowledgeable students have worked in businesses before – and they're ready to help you.

Is an internship for you?

An internship could be ideal if you

  • need short-term cover, perhaps during holidays
  • have a self-contained project you’re struggling to get off the ground
  • have a specific business problem
  • want to see what a graduate-level employee could offer

And you can

  • find work of value for the student to do
  • supervise them as if they were an employee
  • offer constructive feedback on their performance

Find out more about employing an intern

Phone 0114 225 5081

Email sbsbusiness@shu.ac.uk

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