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Academic Writing: EAP Presentations and Publications

Saturday 01 June 2019

Why do EAP practitioners enthusiastically present at conferences and Professional Interests Meetings but are less enthusiastic about writing up their research?

Encouraging EAP practitioners to write about and publish their practice, scholarship and research was the theme of a Research and Training Event (ResTES) hosted at Sheffield Hallam University on June 1st.

There were two keynote speakers:  Mary Davis (Oxford Brookes University) talked about EAP practitioners, writing and research. She drew on her own research in the field, which was published as a research article in last months’ JEAP. Nigel Harwood (Sheffield University) talked about the process of publishing EAP research from the perspectives of a reader, writer, reviewer and editor of a journal. Nigel drew on his extensive experience in all four areas, particularly as co-editor of The Journal of English for Specific Purposes.

For those not able to attend, both presentations were Livestreamed on twitter. Participants in Sheffield had the chance to discuss publishing their research with Mary and Nigel and the editors of the 2019 BALEAP Conference Proceedings, Alex Ding, Bee Bond and Michelle Evans.

For questions about EAP Research and Training Events (ResTES) contact John Wrigglesworth in Sheffield Hallam’s TESOL Centre.

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