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Professoriate Committee

Professoriate Committee


To maintain a review of the University's Professoriate programme.

Terms of reference

To approve

  • the award of professorships, including Visiting Professorships and Emeritus Professorships
  • the arrangements for consideration of applicants for conferment of professorial status linked to externally advertised posts

To consider

  • at its discretion, comments received following consultation with such other persons or groups as the Committee thinks fit

To advise

  • the Academic Board on all matters relating to professorships

To report to the Academic Board annually on the activities of the Committee

To provide feedback on the University's governance arrangements and the information made available on this page please email your comments to We will use the contact information that you provide in your message to respond to you. In connection with your contact information, you can view the University's privacy policy here.

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