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The Academic Board

The Academic Board

The Academic Board is the University's main academic authority. View the Academic Board terms of reference, constitution and membership.

The agendas and confirmed minutes of the meetings of the Board will be published following each meeting.

The main responsibilities of the Academic Board

  • Considering the development of the academic activities of the University and the resources needed to support them, and advising the Vice-Chancellor and the Board of Governors on these matters.
  • Research, scholarship, teaching and courses.
  • The criteria for student admissions.
  • The appointment and removal of internal and external examiners.
  • Policies and procedures for assessment and examination of academic performance of students.
  • Curriculum content.
  • Academic standards.
  • Validating and reviewing courses.
  • The procedures for awarding qualifications and honorary academic titles.
  • The procedures for expelling students for academic reasons.

The Academic Board's Committees and what they do

To help it carry out its duties the Board delegates responsibility for some matters to its committees:

The Academic Quality Standards and Enhancement Committee was established in June 2013. It is responsible for advising and making recommendations to Academic Board on the University's strategy, policy and procedures in relation to the setting and maintaining of academic standards and the quality assurance of the University's awards; and to advise and make recommendations to Academic Board on the University's strategies, policies and procedures for the curriculum, learning, teaching and assessment. View the Academic Quality Standards and Enhancement Committee terms of reference.

The Research and Innovation Committee is responsible to the Academic Board for overseeing the University's strategies for research, knowledge transfer and regional economic development. View the Research and Innovation Committee's terms of reference.

The Honorary Awards Committee considers and approves nominations for honorary awards on behalf of the Academic Board. View the Honorary Awards Committee's terms of reference.

The Professoriate Committee considers nominations and approves awards of professorships, including Visiting Professorships and Emeritus Professorships. View the Professoriate Committee's terms of reference.

College Academic Boards - each of the three colleges has its own Academic Board which is responsible to the University Academic Board for the academic activities of the College. View the College Academic Boards Committees' terms of reference.

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