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Academic Board

Terms of reference

To approve

  • general issues relating to research, scholarship, teaching and courses at the University, including criteria for the admission of students
  • the appointment and removal of internal and external examiners
  • policies and procedures for the assessment and examination of the academic performance of students
  • the content of the curriculum
  • academic standards and the validation and review of courses
  • procedures for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles

To consider

  • the academic activities of the University

To keep under review and recommend to the Board of Governors

  • procedures for the expulsion of students for academic reasons

To advise

  • the Principal and the Board of Governors of the resources needed to support the University's academic activities
  • on such other matters referred to it by the Board of Governors or the Principal

To receive

  • annual reports from its sub-committees

The Board shall operate in accordance with the University's policies on equal opportunities.

The Academic Board meets five times a year. Members normally serve on the Board for a period of three years except for student representatives who are elected for one year after which they are eligible for re-election.

Academic Board Constitution and Membership 2016–17

Ex Officio
Vice-Chancellor  Professor Chris Husbands (Chair)
Pro Vice-Chancellors (PVCs) and Senior Management
PVC Research and Innovation Professor Paul Harrison
PVC Science, Technology and Arts Professor Roger Eccleston
  PVC Social Sciences and Humanities Professor John Leach
  PVC Health and Wellbeing Professor Karen Bryan
  PVC Sheffield Business School Professor Kevin Kerrigan
Deputy Registrar, Secretary and Registrar's Directorate Joe Rennie
Dean of Students Dr Neil McKay
Student members
President of the Students' Union Emily Wilkes (President)
Education Officer Luke Renwick (Education Officer)
Student course representatives - one from each college
College of Business, Technology and Engineering
Andrew Bevans
College of Social Sciences and Arts Freya Martin
College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences Harry Beresford
Sheffield Business School Kimberley Lodge
Members of senior academic staff nominated by their College PVC Deans or Directors
Science, Technology and Arts
Professor Mike Bramhall
Social Sciences and Humanities Professor Norman Wienand
Health and Wellbeing Dr Susan Laird
Sheffield Business School David Laughton
Student and Learning Services Dr Graham Holden
Research and Knowledge Transfer Professor Ann Macaskill
Elected staff representatives - up to two  members elected by and from the academic staff of each college
Science, Technology and Arts
Dr Martin Beer; Vacancy
Social Sciences and Humanities Dr Rachel Abbott; Colin Jackson
Health and Wellbeing Diane Burkinshaw; Dr Alison Purvis
Sheffield Business School Dr Christine O'Leary; Vacancy
One member elected by and from the professional services staff Holly Stainburn
Maximum total 30
Quorum 14
Secretary and Correspondent Liz Winders
Minute Secretary  
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