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Why join us

What makes this a great place to work, and why should you join us?

We're a major hub for learning, development and creativity in the city region and that has a massive influence on what it's like to work here. Students and their learning, growth and development are at the heart of everything we do and this helps nurture an environment that's all about people achieving their potential – including our employees. We work hard to create the opportunities they need to develop their skills so they can build a career at Sheffield Hallam.

There's also a definite feel-good factor about working in an environment where everyone contributes to one ultimate goal – the success of our students. In our staff survey, 81% said they play their part in improving the student experience - which is great considering many of our staff aren't in directly student facing roles.

Each year there's a buzz around University when new students arrive to begin their learning journey. And each year, everyone can feel proud of their contribution when we celebrate student success through our graduation ceremonies.

Our size also brings lots of advantages. With nearly 4,500 employees working across a vast range of different roles, there are always opportunities for employees to develop their skills and career pathways through on the job learning, opportunities for secondment or promotion or progression into a new role.

What kind of working environment can you expect?

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Although many of our jobs are similar to those you'd find in the private sector (for example, we employ finance, IT and marketing professionals among many others), working at a University is different in a number of ways.

Although we're run like a business, we don't have shareholders and our overriding aim is to improve the futures of our students and the partners and communities we work with. This means we're continually reinvesting in things like improved facilities to make the staff and student experience even better.

People love the autonomy they experience here. Being part of an organisation that has learning and creativity at its heart means people are supported and encouraged to put forward new ideas that will improve the way we do things.

There are many other benefits to working at Sheffield Hallam and we know each person's reasons for joining us will be different. Whatever your motivation, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for rewarding and fulfilling careers in a supportive environment.

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