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Helen Sharman

Helen Sharman

Honorary Doctorate - 1991

Helen Sharman was Britain's first astronaut, launched into space as a crew member of the Anglo-Soviet Juno mission on 18 May 1991.

Brought up and educated in Sheffield where she gained a BSc (Honours) in Chemistry from the University in 1984, Helen had been a research technologist before her flight into the cosmos - a fact which contributed, together with her remarkable level of physical fitness, in her being chosen for the mission.

Her involvement marked a first for western women and science as well as for Sheffield. Helen is now London-based but retains close links with her home town. She has adopted an active role in promoting science education across the country and is a regular visitor to schools in our area and further afield.

In a world which needs more scientists and technologists, Helen Sharman is a perfect role model for any child, but particularly for any girl, considering a career in science.

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