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Honorary awards

  • Sir Chris Bonington CBE

    Sir Chris Bonington is Britain's most famous mountaineer and one of the greatest climbers in the world. He has led and taken part in 19 Himalayan expeditions, including four to Everest which he climbed at the age of 50.

  • Shami Chakrabati

    With an international reputation as a human rights campaigner, Shami Chakrabati was appointed director of Liberty, the National Council of Civil Liberties, in 2003.

  • Sarwar Khan Awan

    Sarwar Khan Awan was born in the North West frontier region of Pakistan and came to live in Sheffield in 1957, where he married and had five children.

  • Sean Bean

    Sheffield born actor who played Romeo in the RSC production of Romeo and Juliet before taking roles in television and film.

  • Seán Mahon FCA

    Seán Mahon has combined a career as a leading businessman with a commitment to rejuvenating deprived areas and helping disadvantaged groups in Yorkshire.

  • Jonathan Crossley-Holland

    Jonathan Crossley-Holland was the Executive Director of Sheffield City Council for 11 years, eight of which were spent in charge of education services and three in charge of children and young people's services.

  • Professor Sir Christopher Frayling

    A profile of Professor Sir Christopher Frayling, the well-known art historian, critic and broadcaster who was awarded an honorary degree by Sheffield Hallam in 2010

  • Sir David Henshaw

    Sir David Henshaw was appointed chair of NHS North West in May, after more than six years as chief executive of Liverpool City Council where he was credited with transforming the city

  • Professor David Hills

    David Hill studied metallurgy at Cambridge before going on to become a graduate apprentice in the steel industry in Sheffield.

  • Professor Diana Green CBE

    Professor Diana Green retired as Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University this year after nine years in the post.

The degree of Doctor of the University (D.Univ) is awarded to people who have achieved distinction in the fields of learning, the arts, public life, community service and/or have made a distinctive contribution to Sheffield Hallam University, the city of Sheffield or the region. Nominations are invited annually from the University’s staff, students and Governors; we do not invite nominations from the public.

Sheffield Hallam University has been awarding honorary doctorates since gaining status as a university in 1993; it has been awarding honorary fellowships, based on similar criteria, since 1969.

See below for this year's honorary doctorates or you can also view the archive of honorary awards.

If you would like to find out more about our honorary award recipients, please email our press office.

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