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Adrian Oram

Dr Adrian Oram PhD (Sheffield), BEng (Hons), BSc (Hons)

Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia


After graduating in Computer Studies from the original Sheffield Polytechnic in 1982 I have undertaken research and teaching primarily in the areas of computer architecture, networking, and concurrency (parallelism). After some years in a teaching consultant role, I took time to study Civil and Structural Engineering at Sheffield University which lead to doctoral research in Hydrogeology. I presently teach computer architecture subjects but maintain research interests in ground engineering.


Department of Computing

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Grammatical Inference in Ground Investigation (GiGi) – ongoing, currently unfunded.

Software Engineering, Graphics and Multimedia

I teach areas associated with software and hardware, with an emphasis on performance and concurrency. My audience consists primarily of games programmers although a first year module dealing with computer architecture is shared with computer science and software engineering students. I also occasionally assist the university’s Geography department during their field work exercises, drawing on my geotechnical engineering knowledge.

Fundamentals Of Computer Architecture (FOCA)

Software-Hardware Optimisation Techniques (SHOT)
Hardware Orientated Software Engineering (HORSE)

Multiprocessing And Parallel Systems (MAPS)


Journal articles

Morrey, I., Oram, A., Cooper, D., Rogers, D., & Stephenson, P. (2008). Grammatical inference techniques and their application in ground investigation. Computer-aided civil and infrastructure engineering, 23 (1), 17-30.

Huang, W.E., Smith, C.C., Lerner, D.N., Thornton, S.F., & Oram, A. (2002). Physical modelling of solute transport in porous media: evaluation of an imaging technique using UV excited fluorescent dye. Water research, 36 (7), 1843-1853.

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