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Andrew Chappell

Dr Andrew Chappell


Scholarly Academic as part of the Food and Nutrition Group

Module leader on the Currrent Issues In Sport and Exercise

Interested in how nutrition and exercise can help prevent disease and how nutrition might be used to improve exercise perfromance. Specifically I am interested in the Gut Microbiota, dietary fibre, Omega-3 fatty acids, novel dietary supplements and the dietary habits of bodybuilding populations.

  • About


    • 2015: PhD Nutrition, University of Aberdeen
    • 2011: Human Nutrition and Metabolism, Master of Science,
    • 2009: Sport and Exercise Science, Bachelor of Science,

    Teaching expertise

    • Scholarly Academic, Teaching in Physiology and Sport and Exercise Nutrition

  • Teaching

    Sheffield Business School


  • Publications

    Journal article: CHAPPELL, A. (2017), 'The agronomic performance and nutritional content of oat and barley varieties grown in a northern maritime environment depends of variety and growing condtions', Journal of Cereal Science

    Journal article: CHAPPELL, A. Thies, F. Martin, P. Flint, H. Scott, K. (2015), 'The effect of in vitro fermentation of oats (Avena sativa) and barley (Hordeum vulgare) on the faecal gut microbiota', Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, vol 74, no OCE1

    Journal article: CHAPPELL, A. Thies, F. Martin, P. Flint, H. Scott, K. (2015), 'Fermentation of oats (Avena sativa) by the faecal microbiota using an in vitro colonic fermentor system', Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, vol 74, no OCE5

    Journal article: Gray, P. CHAPPELL, A. Jenkinson, A. Thies, F. Gray, S. (2014), 'Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Markers of Oxidative Stress but Not Muscle Soreness after Eccentric Exercise', International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, vol 24, no 2, pp. 206-214

    Conference Speaker: CHAPPELL, A. SIMPER, T. (2017), 'Dietary Strategies of Elite Natural Bodybuilders', Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

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