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Mr Andy Young RMN, LLB(Hons), LLM, PG Cert Hed

Senior Lecturer HWB, Nursing, Mental health


Academic/Practice educator


Senior Lecturer - Mental Health Nursing
Co-theme Lead: Education research and workforce transformation
College Research Ethics Committee
KTP Steering Group and Module Evaluation Steering Group


Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Health And Wellbeing

Areas of teaching interest/expertise:

• Mental health recovery
• Legal and ethical decision-making

Areas of research interest/expertise:

• Improvements in mental health care
• Values-based inter-professional collaborative practice

Areas of practice interest/expertise:

• Diagnosis and failure to treat
• Risk assessment and safety
• Dignity and human rights
• Communication
• Inappropriate discharge and provision of aftercare

Mental Health

Law and ethics for advanced practice


As an academic and practice educator, I am interested in interdisciplinary research, recovery insights and translating collaborative mental health research to influence changes in mental health practice.

Mental health research is changing. The scope of mental health research has broadened, with studies drawing on different theoretical frameworks and international perspectives, illustrated by papers presented at recent SHU research conferences (such as on refugee movements, involvement in public health, criminal justice, education, and cyber-psychology). This marks a valuable shift to address common health and welfare concerns, to study crossover and differences between sectors and countries, and to draw on a wider frame of reference through which to conceptualise debates.

Future research needs to challenge current discourse, and collaborate across sector boundaries and interest groups. It needs to shift its focus to embrace a broader world-view, which explores mental health roles and values in relation to wider political, social and economic changes in society, including social movements, campaigns and virtual worlds.

Current research projects:

2017/19 ‘Facebook use, mood, and self-esteem in late adolescence and early adulthood’ (inter-disciplinary research – Co-researcher)
2017/19 ‘A systematic exploration of women's experiences of perinatal mental health care services among ethnic minorities using literature review and a participatory community based approach’ – (inter-disciplinary research – Co-researcher)

Student engagement:

2018 LEAD associate and RAISE Conference – Connecting communities, and digital storytelling/mapping.


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Young, A. (n.d.). ‘The Lighthouse Invites the Storm’ – Professional Regulation of Nursing in England and Wales – Under Threat. Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, 6 (1), 21-36.

Conference papers

Soltani, H., Watson, H., Walton, E., Harrop, D., Young, A., & Johnson, L. (2020). Experiences and expectations of women from ethnic minority background on perinatal mental health [abstract only]. The European Journal of Public Health, 30 (Supple).

Book chapters

Young, A. (2008). Dual diagnosis and forensic care, a UK nursing perspective. In Browne, R.C. (Ed.) Forensic psychiatry research trends. New York: Nova Science Publishing Inc

Other activities

• Fellow of the Higher Education Academy - (March 9th 2007 to present)
• Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health - Nottingham (3rd Feb 2010 to present)
• Member of the Institute of Mental Health - Nottingham (September 2012 to present)
• Member of the Voluntary Sector Studies Network - (October 2014 to present)

Postgraduate supervision

MSc research supervision in HWB 

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