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Dr Bankole Cole MA, PhD

Reader in Criminology and Human Rights


I joined SHU in August 2014 as Reader in Criminology and Human Rights. Prior to coming to SHU, I taught criminology and criminal justice at Northumbria, Hull, York and Lincoln Universities (1990 - 2014). I was Co-Director of the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at Hull (2007 -2009) and Co-Chair of the Centre for Offenders and Offending at Northumbria (2013 - 2014). I co- founded the Race Crime and Justice Network in the North East with Maggie O'Neil and Gary Craig.

  • About

    My research has been associated in the UK and internationally with the development and promotion of international and comparative criminology, particularly in relation to the study of non-western systems of justice. This resulted in early publications on magistrates’ courts in Nigeria (1990; reprint 2006) and policing in post-colonial countries (1999).

    My research has informed international discussions on crime, justice and security in contemporary Africa and other developing and ‘transitional’ countries. More recent work has focused on mechanisms within the UK criminal justice systems to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency in the delivery of services through effective community engagement and, increasingly, upon research that examined the nature and extent of racial inequalities and racist victimisation generally and of UK Chinese people in particular.

    In my research, I have argued for an approach to comparative research on crime and criminal justice that allows for a stronger link to be made, for example, between criminology and human rights and for research to be policy-focused. My research led to the development of accountability mechanisms within the British CJS, for example, the CPS Scrutiny Panels. My most recent research include: a study of polyvictimisation, offending and youth resilience in post-conflict Angola; an EU-funded research on radicalisation and counter-terrorism in Europe and the exploration of the philosophy and principles of "Ubuntu" in police engagement with young people in inner London.

    • International and comparative criminology/criminal justice
    • Crime, law and justice in developing and 'transitional' countries
    • ‘Race’, ethnicity, crime and justice
    • Criminal courts
    • Policing
    • Penology
    • Inequalities
    • Post-colonial systems
    • Human rights: Children and women in conflict and post-conflict countries; forced migrations, emigration, crimigration, modern slavery
    • Countering violent extremisms, 'radicalisation' and counter-terrorism
    • Transnational organised crimes - money laundering
    • Youth offending and justice
    • Criminal justice community engagement strategies
    • State crimes
    • Evaluation methodologies.

  • Teaching

    Department Of Law and Criminology

    Social Sciences and Humanities

    Criminology, Criminal Justice, Human Rights.

    MA in Applied Human Rights

    International Crime and Justice

  • Research

    • Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice

    Akghar, Babak; Cole, Bankole and Wells, Douglas (2017 - 2020) Mapping, IdentifyiNg and Developing skills and opportunities in operating environments to co-create innovative, ethical and effective ACTions to tackle radicalization leading to violent extremism (MINDb4ACT) Funder: the EU (Horizon 2020). Project includes 8 partners in 10 EU countries. Total budget: €3 million.

    Cole, Bankole and Habashi, Nadia ( 2016 - 2018) Evaluation of the Tutu Foundation’s Ubuntu Police-Youth project in 10 London boroughs. (Funders: the Mayor of London Office for Policing and Crime(MOPAC) and the John Cass Foundation).

    Cole, Bankole, Biddle, Paul and Alali, Yasmine (2012 - 2015) Evaluation of the Therapeutic Care and Support Project (TCSP) for BAMER victims of ‘honour-based’ violence, forced marriages and domestic slavery (Funders: Ministry of Justice/The Angelou Centre, Newcastle).

    Cole, Bankole, Craig, Gary, O'Neil, Maggie, Antonopoulos, Georgios and Wattis, Louise (2011 - 2012) Understanding diversity and change within rural communities: ‘Race’, crime and justice in the North East (Funder: Ministry of Justice)

    Cole, Bankole and Adamson, Sue (2007– 2008) Review of Greater Manchester LCJB Policies, Procedures and Practices on BME community engagement and confidence (Funder: Office of Criminal Justice Reform)

    Craig, Gary, Cole, Bankole, Chan, Chak-kwan, Law, Ian, Lau, Carmen, Adamson, Sue and Cheung, Tom (2007 – 2008) UK Chinese victims of racial harassment and violence. (Funders: Department of Communities and Local Government and The Monitoring Group/Min Quan)

    Cole, Bankole and Adamson, Sue (2006) Evaluation of West Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service's Race-Hate Crime Scrutiny Panel (Funder: Home Office)

    Cole, Bankole, Davidson, Norman; Craig, Gary; Adamson, Sue and Murtuja, Bano (2004 – 2005) Black and minority ethnic people's confidence in the criminal justice system in West Yorkshire' (Funder: Home Office)

    Chan, Chak-kwan; Bowpitt, Graham; Cole, Bankole; Somerville, Peter and Chen, Joan Yuqiong (2003 – 2004) ‘Help-Seeking Behaviours amongst UK Chinese Families (Funder: The Economic and Social Research Council. ESRC)

    Cole, Bankole (2000 – 2002) Evaluation of the Lincolnshire Reparation and Mediation Scheme for Young Offenders. (Funders: Youth Justice Board/Lincolnshire Youth Offending Service)

    Wardak, Ali; Cole, Bankole; Raynor, Peter; Smith, David; Vanstone, Maurice; Lewis, Sam; Calverley, Adam; Sadeghi, Soheila and Kaur, Gurpreet (2001– 2003)Black and Asian Offenders on Probation in England and Wales. (Funder: Home Office; £315,619)

    Davidson, Norman; Sturgeon-Adams, Louise; Burrows, Coral and Cole, Bankole (1996 – 1997) Tackling the Rural Drug Problem (Funder: Home Office) .

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    COLE, Bankole (2018) Young people and criminal justice’ in Craig, Atkin and Chattoo (eds) Understanding ‘Race’ and Ethnicity 2nd Edition Policy Press.

    CHISTYAKOVA, Yulia, COLE, Bankole and JOHNSTON, Jenny (2018) Diversity and vulnerability in Prisons in the context of the Equality Act 2010: the experiences of Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME), and Foreign National Prisoners (FNPs) in a Northern Jail. The Prison Service Journal no 235. January. pp 10 – 16.

    COLE, Bankole (2017) One for all and all for one: Fostering accountability in community policing” in Bayerl, P.S., Karlovic, R., Akhgar, B., and Markarian, G. (eds) Community Policing – A European Perspective: Strategies, Best Practices and Guidelines. Cham: Switzerland: Springer pp. 21- 34

    COLE, Bankole and OSIDIPE, Timi (2017) "Criminal Courts". In An Introduction to Criminal Justice. Harding, J., Davies, P. &Mair, G. 1st ed. London: SAGE. pp. 64 – 283

    JOHNSTON, Jenny, COLE, Bankole and CHISTYAKOVA, Yulia (2017). Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) and Foreign National Prisoners Experience of Prison. Report on a Pilot Study in a Northern English Prison. Final Report NOMS and Newcastle University: Newcastle.

    TANKEBE, Justice, HILLS, Alice and COLE, Bankole (2014). Emerging issues of crime and criminal justice in sub-Saharan Africa. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 14 (1), 3-7.

    CHAPMAN, Rachael, BIDDLE, Paul, MOSS, Oliver, IRVING, Adele and COLE, Bankole (2014). Audit of Faith Group Activities and Community Projects in the London Borough of Sutton. Technical Report. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Northumbria University.

    COLE, Bankole and CHIPACA, Adelino (2014). Juvenile delinquency in Angola. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 14 (1), 61-76.

    COLE, Bankole, MAXWELL, Maureen and CHIPACA, Adelino (2014). Surviving in the shadows of war: Polyvictimised children in post-conflict Angola. Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 16 (2), 87-104.

    BIDDLE, Paul and COLE, Bankole (2013). Evaluation of the Angelou Centre's Therapeutic Care and Support Project For black and minority ethnic and refugee women survivors of honour-based violence, domestic slavery and forced marriages (domestic violence): Second interim report. Technical Report. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria University.

    COLE, Bankole and BIDDLE, Paul (2012). Evaluation of the Angelou Centre's Therapeutic Care and Support Project for black and minority and refugee survivors of honour-based violence, domestic slavery and forced marriage: First interim report. Technical Report. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumbria University.

    CRAIG, Gary, O'NEILL, Maggie, COLE, Bankole, ANTONOPOULOS, Georgios, DEVANNEY, Carol and ADAMSON, Sue (2012). Race, crime and justice in the North East region. Technical Report. Durham, Durham University.

    COLE, Bankole (2012). Young people and criminal justice. In: Understanding Race and Ethnicity: theory, history, policy, practice. Understanding Welfare: social issues, policy and practice . Bristol, Policy Press, 227-246.

    COLE, Bankole (2010). Race, crime and criminal justice in Britain. In: A. Kalunta-Crumpton (ed.) Race, Crime and Criminal Justice: International Perspectives Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan pp 30 – 84

    COLE, Bankole and ADAMSON, Sue (2009). West Midland's LCJB's BME staff progressions (Step Forward) pilot scheme. Technical Report. Birmingham, West Midlands Local Criminal Justice Board.

    COLE, Bankole (2009). Africa. In: The SAGE dictionary of policing. London, SAGE Publications, 141-142.

    COLE, Bankole, ADAMSON, Sue, CRAIG, Gary, HUSSAIN, Basharat, SMITH, Luana, LAW, Ian, LAU, Carmen, CHAN, Chak-Kwan and CHEUNG, Tom (2009). Hidden from public view: racism against UK Chinese. Technical Report. London, The Monitoring Group.

    COLE, Bankole and ADAMSON, Sue (2008). Greater Manchester LCJB policies, practices and procedures on BME community engagement. Technical Report. Manchester, Greater Manchester local criminal justice board.

    COLE, Bankole (2008). Working with ethnic diversity. In: GREEN, Simon, LANCASTER, Elizabeth and FEASEY, Simon, (eds.) Addressing Offending Behaviour: Content, practice and values. Cullompton, Devon, Willan Publishing, 402-425.

    CHAN, Chak Kwan, COLE, Bankole and BOWPITT, Graham (2007). 'Beyond silent organizations': A reflection of the UK Chinese people and their community organizations. Critical Social Policy, 27 (4), 509-533.

    ADAMSON, Sue and COLE, Bankole (2007). Evaluation of the West Yorkshire police community scrutiny panels (stop and search). Technical Report. University of Hull.

    MULLARD, Maurice and COLE, Bankole, eds. (2007). Globalisation, citizenship and the war on terror. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar. MULLARD, M and COLE, Bankole (2007). Introduction. In: MULLARD, M and COLE, Bankole, (eds.) Globalisation, Citizenship and the War on Terror. Edward Elgar, 1-12.

    KWAN-CHAN, Chak, COLE, Bankole and BOWPITT, Graham (2007). Welfare State without Dependency: The Case of the UK Chinese People. Social Policy and Society, 6 (04), 503-514.

    ADAMSON, Sue and COLE, Bankole (2006). Evaluation of the West Yorkshire Crown Prosecution Service Scrutiny Panel. Technical Report. University of Hull.

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    COLE, Bankole and WARDAK, Ali (2006) Black and Asian men on probation: social exclusion, discrimination and experiences of criminal justice’ (with A. Wardak) in Lewis, S. Raynor, P., Smith, D., and Wardak, A. (eds) Race and ProbationCullompton: Willan pp. 81 – 99

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  • Other activities

    Member, Editorial Board: Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles (2015 -)

    Member, Ministry of Justice Advisory Group on ‘Race’ and the CJS ( 2010 - )

    Member, Ministry of Justice’s Advisory Group for Statistics on Women and the CJS (2009 –)

    Member: Editorial Board: Crime Prevention and Community Safety (2007 - )

    Member, Editorial Board: The African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies (2006 -)

    Member, British Society of Criminology (1992- )

    Reviewer: British Journal of Sociology.


    ESRC Rapporteur (2013)

    External Examiner, Police Studies degree, University of Chester/Cheshire Police. (2008 – 2012)

    External Examiner: Police Studies degree, University of Teesside/Cleveland & West Mercia Police.( 2004 – 2008)

    Member, Humberside Police Independent Advisory Group (IAG) (2003 – 2006)

    Member, Board of Visitors (now IMB), HMP Everthorpe, 1993 – 1997.

  • Postgraduate supervision

    The impact of Transforming Rehabilitation on black staff and offenders on probation (PhD Criminology, Part-Time) (2016 - )

    Wildlife crime (Illegal logging) and its impacts on environmental and national security in Vietnam. PhD Criminology Northumbria (2nd supervision; 2015)

    A Critical Examination of the Latent Social Dimensions of the Libyan Family, Employment and the Endemic Practice of Bribery. PhD Sociology, Northumbria (2nd supervision, 2014)

    The construction of ‘race’ within British public policy: an assessment of the involvement of black and minority ethnic communities within participatory governance. PhD. Public Policy Northumbria (2013)

    Race and Disorder: Addressing Social Disadvantages through State Regeneration in a Multi-Ethnic Community in Leeds PhD Social Policy Northumbria (2012)

    The Policing of money laundering: the role of the Dubai Police, PhD, Criminology, Northumbria (2011)

    'The probation system and the rehabilitation of offenders in Pakistan' (Basharat Hussain) PhD Criminology, Hull (2009)

    'Policing LGBT groups in Lincolnshire' PhD, Criminology, Lincoln (2005)

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