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Dr. Carolyn Gibbeson BSc (Hons) MSc MREs

Senior Lecturer


I spent 5 years in commercial property practice working in the areas of property management, valuation and L&T in both public and private sectors before joining SHU in September 2015. I teach in the areas of property management, corporate real estate, research methods, development and place meanings across the department’s courses. My research is interested in the meanings people attach to the built environment and how this impacts on the day to day management and use of these sites and buildings particularly in the areas of historic buildings and medical real estate.


My research interests have been shaped by my experience of working in the commercial property sphere and by my interest in historical places and the management of these. My experience of working with more unusual aspects of the built environment such as cemeteries, church yards and canals plus the need to train the next generation of property professionals has also led to an interest in the challenges that the next generation will face, particularly when dealing with historic or empty buildings and those with unusual reputations. I completed my PhD studies at Newcastle University in May 2018 and which explored the effect of attachments, stigma and value on the reuse of historic former asylum sites. I am a regular conference speaker and has co-convened sessions at the International Conference for Historical Geographers in 2015 and 2018.


Department of the Natural and Built Environment

Social Sciences and Arts

Subject Area

Real Estate


BSc Real Estate, MSc Real Estate, MBA Facilities Management, BSc Geography.


Real Estate Management, Real Estate Professional Studies (Corporate Real Estate), Corporate Real Estate Asset Management, Applied Research Methods and Dissertation, Strategic Facilities Management, Strategic Property Asset Management, Advanced Valuation and Development, Place, Memory and Meaning.


My research interests include place attachment, place stigma, heritage, how practical property management issues are influenced by people’s attachments and emotional reaction to places. I am also interested in how past medical real estate decisions could have relevance for future medical real estate decisions to deal with issues such as pandemics.


Bennett, L., & Gibbeson, C. (2010). Perceptions of occupiers' liability risk by estate managers: a case study of memorial safety in English cemeteries. International Journal of Law in the Built Environment, 2 (1), 76.

Gibbeson, C., & Gill, S. (n.d.). Negotiating a negative past in the reuse of historic prisons. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal.

Book chapters

Gibbeson, C., & Westwood, C. (2021). Agricultural shows, connectivity and families of choice(Critical Event Studies). In Family events: Practices, intimacies and displays. Routledge:

Gibbeson, C., & Beattie, K. (2021). A boundary between two worlds? Community perceptions of former asylums in Lancashire, England. In Voices in the History of Madness: Personal and Professional Perspectives on Mental Health and Illness. (pp. 263-284). Palgrave Macmillan:

Other activities

Charlene Cross – Examining the rationales of owners of vacant or derelict sites and challenging popular abandonment narratives.

Sarah Dickinson: Development of a Support Framework for Successful Delivery of Construction Degree Apprenticeships.

Katie Steele: Using BIM methodologies to secure sustainable future of heritage asset by long term data management for intangible significance


Postgraduate supervision

Current students: Charlene Cross - examining the rationales owners of vacant or derelict sites and challenging popular abandonment narratives. Sarah Dickinson looking at Development of a Support Framework for Successful Delivery of Construction Degree Apprenticeships.

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