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Chris Hopkins

Professor Chris Hopkins

Professor of English Studies and Head of the Humanities Research Centre


I am Professor of English Studies and Head of the Humanities Research Centre and my teaching and research interests are mainly in twentieth-century literature. I have published Thinking about Texts - An Introduction to English Studies (Palgrave 2001, 2009) and English Fiction of the 1930s: Language, Genre and History (Continuum, 2006), and have written on interwar writers such as Eric Ambler, Katherine Burdekin, Cyril Connolly, Ralph Bates, Winifred Holtby, Storm Jameson, Naomi Mitchison and Sylvia Townsend Warner. My book on Walter Greenwood's Love on the Dole - Novel, Play, Film will be published by Liverpool University Press in 2016.

  • About

    I did my B.A. in English and Related Literature at the University of York, and then an M.A. and M.Phil in English at the University of Warwick. After that I taught for the University of Warwick and the Open University until 1991 when I was appointed to a Lectureship at Sheffield Hallam University. In 2001 I gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from the Open University.

    I've had a number of jobs in English since 1991, including Admissions Tutor and Head of English, but I'm now Head of Humanities Research. My teaching and research interests largely coincide. I'm interested in twentieth-century British literature and in how English is best taught at degree-level. I've been involved at various times with national bodies which have worked on university teaching or research. I was a Higher Education Academy Accreditor from 2001-7, a member of the English Subject Centre Advisory Board from 2003-8 and a member of the Arts and Humanities Research Council Peer Review College from 2006 till 2013.

    I have published Thinking About Texts - an Introduction to English Studies (Palgrave, 2001, revised edition 2009), which is used in universities in the UK, Europe, Australia and Japan, and has sections on English Literature, Language and Creative Writing. I have also published English Fiction in the 1930s: Language, Genre, History, (Continuum, 2006) and articles on first-world-war literature and women's writing in the nineteen-thirties. My book Walter Greenwood's Love on the Dole: Novel, Play, Film (Liverpool University Press) and an introductory essay for the BFI's new DVD / Blu-Ray release of the film of Love on the Dole will both come out in 2016.

    Politics, genre and the novel in the nineteen thirties; women’s writing between the wars, working-class writing; documentary, film and literature between the wars; Welsh writing in English, writing of the first and second world wars, modernism and modernity, realism and modernism, readerships and literary taste, the middle-brow novel, the history of school and university English, teaching and learning in English Studies.

  • Teaching

    Reading Popular Fiction 1900-1950:


    BA English; BA English Literature

    Introduction to English Studies; the Great War 1914-1918 Research Project; Literature in the Twentieth Century

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Hopkins, C. (2020). 'The Pictures … Are Even More Stark Than The Prose' (Sheffield Telegraph 2/12/1937): Word and Image in Walter Greenwood and Arthur Wragg's The Cleft Stick (1937). Word and Image, 36 (4), 321-342.

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    Conference papers


    Book chapters

    Hopkins, C. (2020). ‘Re-presenting Wrens: Nancy Spain’s Thank You Nelson (1945), Eileen Bigland's The Story of the Wrens (1946), Vera Laughton Matthews’ The Blue Tapestry (1948) and Edith Pargeter’s She Goes to War (1942)'. In British Women's Writing 1930 to1960: Between the Waves. (First). Liverpool university Press

    Hopkins, C. (2010). "Frustrated Spinsters" and "Morbid Degenerate[s]"?: women and men in Winifred Holtby's Truth is Not Sober (1934). In Regan, L. (Ed.) Winifred Holtby, 'A Woman in her time' : critical essays. (pp. 149-171). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars

    Hopkins, C. (2009). Caradoc Evans's Modernist Antipastoral. In James, D., & Tew, P. (Eds.) New version of pastoral : post-romantic, modern and contemporary responses to the tradition. (pp. 107-122). Madison [N.J.]: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

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    Hopkins, C. (2018). Walter Greenwood’s Love on the Dole: Novel, Play, Film - a Case Study. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press.

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    Theses / Dissertations

    Franklin, R. (2018). Eroticism, narrative and cultural renewal: The writing of Salvador Dalí 1928-1945. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C.

    Jackson, A.B. (2015). The polar sublime in contemporary poetry of Arctic and Antarctic exploration. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Earnshaw, S., Riordan, M., & Hopkins, C.

    Turnbull, S. (2014). The portrayal of the working-class and working-class culture in Barry Hines's novels. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C.

    Miles, N.R. (2014). Negotiations between public and private realms in British writing of the 1930s. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C., & Earnshaw, S.

    Brown, E.C. (2010). Comedy and the middlebrow novel :Elizabeth Taylor and Elizabeth von Arnim. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C., Mills, S., & Baxendale, J.

    Mahfoud, B. (2009). Spiritual development in the poetry of T.S. Eliot. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C.

    Grover, M. (2002). The authenticity of the middlebrow : Warwick Deeping and cultural legitimacy, 1903-1940. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Hopkins, C.

    Internet Publications

    Hopkins, C. (2020). Love on the Dole and the Clergy.

  • Postgraduate supervision

    I am currently supervising two theses: Sexuality and Gender in Surrealist Literature and The Middlebrow Spy novel 1930-1945.

    I have been Director of Studies for five Sheffield Hallam Ph.D theses: Warwick Deeping and Middlebrow Culture 1918-1940 (April 2002), Spiritual Development in T.S. Eliot’s Poetry (July 2009), Comedy and the Middlebrow Novel: Elizabeth von Arnim and Elizabeth Taylor (February 2011), The Representation of Working-Class Culture in the Novels of Barry Hines (August 2014), and Negotiating the Public and the Private in Writing of the Nineteen-Thirties (September 2014). I was second supervisor for The Polar Sublime in Contemporary Poetry of Arctic and Antarctic Exploration (November 2015).

  • Media

    Chris is an expert on the British novel in the first half of the twentieth century, particularly fiction of the First World War, the 1930s and the Second World War. His interests include women's writing, the bestseller, middlebrow novels, working class writing, novels about unemployment, novels about flying and the RAF, the wartime Ministry of Information and novels about Wales.

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