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Dr Claire Cornock PGCertHE SFHEA

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader


Claire joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2011 and is currently the course leader for BSc Mathematics. She enjoys working with students and enhancing the course's community. Claire's research area is teaching and learning pedagogy. She is innovative in her teaching methods and received a Vice-Chancellor's teaching award in 2010.

  • About

    Claire joined the Department of Engineering and Mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University in 2011 after completing a PhD at the University of York in Semigroup Theory. Having also done an MSc in Applied Mathematics, she is interested in a wide range of mathematical topics. Claire particularly enjoys supporting students and became the course leader for BSc Mathematics in 2015.

    Claire's research area is teaching and learning pedagogy. She is interested in projects that involve innovative teaching and assessment methods, as well as those that incorporate skills development into modules. Her publications have included work on Peer Assisted Learning, course communities and teaching with Rubik's cubes. Her current projects involve video assignments and the use of large whiteboards for group work in classes.

    In 2010 she received a vice-chancellor's teaching award for the excellent feedback she received from students, the care with which she approached her teaching, and the variety of roles she undertook within the Department of Mathematics at the University of York whilst doing her PhD.

    Peer Assisted Learning Scheme co- ordinator, Mentor, External Examiner

    Teaching and learning pedagogic research, particularly surrounding innovative teaching and assessment methods, and course community.

  • Teaching

    Department of Engineering and Mathematics

    Business, Technology and Enterprise


    BSc Mathematics

    Number and Structure,
    Abstract Algebra,
    Peer Assisted Learning scheme

  • Research

    1. Evaluation of an investigative group assignment over a 3 year period (in the 3rd year);
    2. Evaluation of a video assignment, which has been used as an alternative to written work (joint with a PhD student);
    3. Evaluation of group boardwork (joint with a colleague).

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Cornock, C., Marshall, E., & Hargreaves, J. (2019). Work-related learning: benefits and challenges. New Directions in the Teaching of Physical Sciences, 14 (1).

    Shukie, A., Majin, W., Cornock, C., & Robinson, M. (2019). Student use of whiteboards in the classroom. MSOR Connections, 17 (2).

    Corner, A., & Cornock, C. (2018). Applications and props: the impact on engagement and understanding. MSOR Connections, 17 (1), 3-15.

    Cornock, C. (2017). Development of a Course Community. MSOR Connections, 16 (1), 15.

    Waldock, J., Rowlett, P., Cornock, C., Robinson, M., & Bartholomew, H. (2017). The role of informal learning spaces in enhancing student engagement with mathematical sciences. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 48 (4), 587-602.

    Cornock, C. (2016). Teaching mathematics to Business and Enterprise students in a module based around Excel. MSOR Connections, 15 (1), 22.

    Cornock, C. (2016). The evaluation of an undergraduate peer assisted learningscheme at Sheffield Hallam University. Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education.

    Cornock, C. (2015). Teaching group theory using Rubik's cubes. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 46 (7), 957-967.

    Cornock, C. (2015). Maths Arcade at Sheffield Hallam University: Developments made in a new space. MSOR Connections, 14 (1), 54.

    Cornock, C., & Gould, V. (2012). Proper two-sided restriction semigroups and partial actions. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 216 (4), 935-949.

    Book chapters

    Cornock, C., & Baxter, E. (2015). Sheffield Hallam University 'Maths Arcade' - Feedback on a Trial and Plans to Include in Peer Assisted Learning. In Maths Arcade: Stretching and Supporting Mathematical Thinking.

    Theses / Dissertations

    Cornock, C. (2012). Restriction Semigroups: Structure, Varieties and Presentations. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Gould, V.

    Internet Publications

    Robinson, M., & Cornock, C. (2015). Use of video: thinking outside the lecture.

  • Other activities

    Outreach: currently organising a girls in maths day (joint with a colleague). Undertaking other projects by working with student researchers. These projects are:

    1. Creating a student survival guide;
    2. Increasing employability development awareness on the course (joint with colleagues).
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