Dianne Dean

Dr Dianne Dean BA, PhD

Professor of Consumption Values and Practices


Dianne joined Sheffield Business School in 2018 from the University of Hull. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature focusing on the intersection between consumption and politics and transformative consumer research.

She has published widely in the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management and the Journal of Political Marketing.

She has guest edited special editions for the Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Marketing Management and has been the European Review editor of the Journal of Political Marketing.

She has worked in academia for nearly 25 years teaching and researching in the areas of consumer behavioural in particular Consumer Culture Theory. As my undergraduate degree and PhD were in the areas of politics and my work in industry was in consumer research, my work is naturally interdisciplinary. My research focuses on political marketing, political branding, persuasion and propaganda. More recently I have broadened my research interests into the area of transformative consumer research particular elderly care, food practices, diabetes and health apps.

I teach consumer behaviour, research methods and Contemporary Issues in Marketing and Business. I have supervised to completion 22 PhDs, and acted as external examiner for 6 PhDs in the UK, Europe, and Australia.



College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Informal elderly care, food waste, propaganda and persuasion


Contemporary Issues in Business and Management


Journal articles

Ellis, M., & Dean, D. (2024). Stakeholder exclusion practices of responsible leaders: an investigation into the application of responsible leader values in stakeholder inclusion and exclusion. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal. http://doi.org/10.1108/edi-06-2023-0187

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Jones, S., Singh, P., & Dean, D. (2023). To bin or not to bin. Journal of Customer Behavior, 22 (1-2), 68-77. http://doi.org/10.1362/147539223X16838127399223

Jones, S., Singh, P., & Dean, D. (2023). To bin or not to bin. Journal of Customer Behavior, 22 (1-2), 68-77. http://doi.org/10.1362/147539223X16838127399223

van Luyen, T., Shabbir, H., & Dean, D. (2021). A multidimensional practice-based framework of interactive value formation. Journal of Service Research, 25 (2), 281-300. http://doi.org/10.1177/10946705211025606

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Book chapters

Dean, D., & Shabbir, H. (2019). Peace Marketing as Counter Propaganda: Towards a Methodology. In Baines, P., O'Shaughnessy, N., & Snow, N. (Eds.) The Sage Handbook of Propaganda. Sage: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/the-sage-handbook-of-propaganda/book262889

Other activities

External examiner, MBA Marketing Cranfield School of Management
External examiner, MSC Marketing, University of Westminster

External examiner research degrees
2019, University of Salford
2019, Edinburgh Napier University
2018, University of Melbourne, Australia
2018, University of South Wales
2016, Cranfield School of Management
2014, University of Manchester
2013, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
2013, University of Bournemouth,
2013, Instittute of Technology, Waterford, Ireland

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