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Dr Eleanor F Lingham

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Dr Eleanor F Lingham

Senior Lecturer in Mathematics


Eleanor Lingham is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Sheffield Hallam University. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham, and a Masters Degree in Mathematics from University College Cork, Ireland. She joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2015.


Eleanor’s main research area is complex analysis, in particular function theory, which is the study of the properties of different types of functions. 

Eleanor has co-authored a book entitled ‘Research Problems in Function Theory’ with Prof. Walter K. Hayman. This project involved researching the development of over 500 complex analysis problems that range over nine areas of complex analysis. 

Eleanor is the Editor-in-Chief of the London Mathematical Society Newsletter (from Nov 2019 for three years), a bimonthly publication that is distributed to 3,000 members in over 60 countries. 

Eleanor is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the London Mathematical Society. 

Specialist areas of interest
•Complex analysis
•Theory of analytic and meromorphic functions
•Nevanlinna theory
•Social Networking analysis
•Composite functions



Foundation Mathematics 2 (Level 3)
Eng Foundation Year (Module Leader)
Mathematical Methods (Level 4)
BSc Maths Mathematical Technology (Level 4)
BSc Maths Mathematical Analysis (Level 5)
BSc Maths Modelling 2 (Level 5)
BSc Maths Final year project tutor
Placements Tutor


Eleanor is conducting social network analysis on mathematical collaboration data, in collaboration with Jotham Gaudoin. Eleanor is continuing her research on Hayman’s List of 'Research Problems in Function Theory' by preparing an international workshop bid.


Journal articles

Fenton, P.C., & Lingham, E. (2016). The size of Wiman–Valiron discs for subharmonic functions of a certain type. Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 61 (4), 456-468.

Lingham, E.F., & Baughan, A. (2015). A proactive collaborative workshop approach to supporting student preparation for graduate numerical reasoning tests. MSOR Connections, 14 (1), 39.

Lingham, E., & Langley, J.K. (2007). On the derivatives of composite functions. New Zealand Journal of Mathematics, 36, 57-61.

Lingham, E. (2005). Normal families and value distribution in connection with composite functions. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 312 (1), 195-204.

Clifford, E.F. (2005). Two New Criteria for Normal Families. Computational Methods and Function Theory, 5 (1), 65-76.

Clifford, E.F. (2005). Extending a Theorem of Bergweiler and Langley Concerning Non-Vanishing Derivatives. Computational Methods and Function Theory, 4 (2), 327-339.

Clifford, E.F. (2005). Extending Two Fixpoint Theorems of Langley and Zheng. Results in Mathematics, 47 (1-2), 45-54.

Clifford, E., & Seda, A.K. (2000). Uniqueness of fixpoints of single-step operators determined by Belnap's four-valued logic. Journal of Electrical Engineering, 51 (12/s).


Hayman, W.K., & Lingham, E.F. (2019). Research Problems in Function Theory Fiftieth Anniversary Edition. Springer.

Theses / Dissertations

Zhao, K. (2021). Comparative bank financial risk management models in fintechs and challenger banks. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Serbera, J.-.P., Lingham, E., Katsiampa, P., Brunsdon, T., & Ezepue, P.

Other activities

•Invited panel reviewer for Ireland’s Delta awards (Disciplinary Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment)
•LMS Representative at Sheffield Hallam University
•INI-ICMS Correspondent at Sheffield Hallam University
•Editor-in-Chief of the London Mathematical Society Newsletter (from Nov 2019 for three years)

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